Motorola Moto X Play

Motorola Moto X Play

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  • adil001

killer news

  • Anonymous

ciquta, 28 Jul 2015too ticklearn how to see the curvedness of the phone

  • AnonD-322352

ciquta, 28 Jul 2015too tickTo accommodate the enormous battery, a larger footprint is required.

  • Anonymous

i like this phone

  • asecasp

The 4(1700/2100) LTE band?

  • ciquta

too tick

  • asecasp

Plz Plz with Radio FM :)

  • AnonD-206524

something really gud from motorola

  • AnonD-265900

Better than One plus 2

  • AnonD-265900

Craziness, the most wanted Motorola phone released today.

  • Jebuj

This is awesome.

  • TechGeeky

this is perfect.

this is more than perfect!

  • nick

here's the phone i was looking for.
where were u my love. i've been waiting for ages.

  • AnonD-322352

Absolutely torned between OnePlus One, Moto X Play, and the upcoming ARA smartphone...

  • AnonD-92238

I was asking about the same thing on moto g !!!! thanks a lot moto for bringing this. I'll surely buy this if within $280. 128GB SD is AWESOMEeeeeeeee