Motorola Moto X Style

Motorola Moto X Style

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  • ice4martini

No update. Battery short lyfe. Motorola shit !

  • Anup

After use of towers motherboard damage automatically, moto service is also not good. when I went to service center for repairs they cost me 350 nonrefundable and unable to repair. mobile is very complex H / w inside non removable battery. Device battery and temperature keep on increasing while using. I totally unhappy and disappointed for this product. West of 30k bugs please dont buy.

  • amorphis

Lyrics, 22 Mar 2019My Moto x style battery dies early dnt know why jux bought it in... moreYou may have bought it not long ago, but the battery is probably in it since it was manufactured 4 years ago, so you should probably swap it. A new battery will also probably not have a 100% health (I got a new one in October 2018, which had like 87% battery health), since they are also no longer produced.

  • ric

Still using it after 3 years, no sign of battery degradation, and last all day long (currently charging it every night). Still also cant find any other device with such a splendid and powerfull sound as this 2 front speakers on the market. Ye, 32gb with 3ram but still enought for me nowdays with a 64gb sdcard and 24mpx cam with consistent quality produce great daylight photos. Brands are nowadays placing phones on the market with worst specs... What a purchase this is. Thumbs up MOTO.

  • AnonD-845212

You have to take in mind that the higher the screen's resolution the higher the battery drain's
1080x1920 isnt the same as 720x1440
thus is also different from 1440x2560

  • Lyrics

My Moto x style battery dies early dnt know why jux bought it in months any idea

  • Anonymous

Smedger, 13 Aug 2018Hi. My Moto X style wont fast charge anymore. it will slowly cha... moreTry different charge or change your battery, if you are samsung user you will have to change battery after a year. More than 2year only motorola, lenovo and sony can provide

  • Omair Ghory

After using Motorola moto x pure for 2 years the only problem i have now is battery that die fast like an iphone but i will get it changed

  • Umair

My Moto X Down Key Were Not Working , Can Any body guide me what to do ?

  • Anonymous

Sanjoy, 09 Sep 2018Worst phone ever I used. Battery life very small. 100% comes dow... moreif you use iphone, in 2h your phone is complete dead, iphone same year with Xpure took more time to fill 100% (unless 2018 iphone), signal strength not as good as Xpure (side by side, same carrier), plus you need to replace battery sooner than Xpure

  • Jep

I've had Moto X Pure Edition since release. No problems and a superior phone. I've had none of the issues all these other people complain about. I will continue to purchase Motorola phones with great confidence.

  • Hello Motto

Bought 2 in December 2015, a 32gb and 64gb. I have had to replace the battery on the 64gb which is quite a chore. It also developed a corrupt memory issue. It reboots numerous times per day with and apps crashing non-stop once it finally does boot. Sometimes it gets into a boot loop. After months of patiently trying to get it to work and diagnose it, it's getting pitched. Going Sony Compact. These damn phones are too big anyway. When we first got these phones they were pretty snappy. Of course, new Android updates slow them down and they're pretty sluggish now nearly 3 years later--both of them.

  • Anonymous

one of the best phones i have used.
bought this phone in december 2015 and am still using it in september 2018.
the front facing speakers are amazingly loud and clear.
very durable design.. even after multiple drops over the years , there is no damage at all.
would love another phone like this from motorolla with newer specs

  • Sanjoy

Worst phone ever I used. Battery life very small. 100% comes down to 40% within 2 hours without doing anything. Charging problem. Battery quality is very very bad. 30k rs drops on rever

  • IamKiro

My favourite phone design of all time. Never owned one, to be honest, but nonetheless, since this phone came out in 2015 I've all but dreamed to have one, The back metallic accent and the rubberised grippy cover is so sleek, to me at least.
I so wish of an updated version of the X Style. Like the same textured rubber back, slap a fingerprint in the place of the moto dimple, improve the screen to body ratio, just trim a lil from the top and bottom portion, round the corners just a little, put 'em nice front stereo speakers. Get a nice battery. No need to decrease the thickness, at all, keep it fat and juicy. Put a midrange SoC on the new more energy efficient 14nm or around that. Decent cameras that do the job just fine and BAM you get the perfect phone for your average android user. If the price is less than €300 that would be the cherry on top of the cake.

ah one can dream.

yy I forgot to mention the clean version of android. To be honest nougat on my moto e4 works just fine. I'd like more freedom of customisation in the launcher, but 3rd party is always an option anyway.

  • AdamMaate

Good phone but the battery deteriorates within 8-16 months, GPU is slow and phone clogs up after minimal app usage.

Roy, 15 Aug 2018I got some issues aftwr using only 1.7 years like phone's intern... morei have the same issues
and i brought my phone to some phone repairing specialists
and almost all of them said that the problem can caused by Power IC or Charging IC

  • Roy

Anton, 28 Mar 2018Had for 2 years, great phone no problems, best phone ever owned,... moreI got some issues aftwr using only 1.7 years like phone's internal charging port got dead, also turbo charger pin got dead, heating too much, screen heating, battery got dead, lags wvery time, stereo speakers butsting.. almost full phone starting problems.. i am not able to use it...

  • Roy

3rd class phone and too expensive. First i broke the display and they asking me 10,000INR ($150) wtf.. so i just replaced it from local market at 3000INR ($45).

I bought it on December 2016 , so it is just 1 month difference between 2016-17 , i will say i bought it in 2017 . After using 1.7 year the battery got dead. And service center costing too high.. also there are not good battery-replacement available in local market.. stereo spekers started bursting, turbo charger cable and phones's charging port got diffalat.

I wasted my $400. Oh god. Never buy any garbage form motorola.😭😭😭­😭

  • wont charge

Smedger, 13 Aug 2018Hi. My Moto X style wont fast charge anymore. it will slowly cha... moreSame problem moto x pure is intermittent, won't work work at all with the turbocharger and from time to time wont power up or charge. USB current meter shows it goes to 500 mA then step down to .02 or less in a few seconds. show about 5V. Wont turn on now. Then a few days later it will work again. really annoying.