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Roy, 15 Aug 2018I got some issues aftwr using only 1.7 years like phone's intern... morei have the same issues
and i brought my phone to some phone repairing specialists
and almost all of them said that the problem can caused by Power IC or Charging IC

  • Roy

Anton, 28 Mar 2018Had for 2 years, great phone no problems, best phone ever owned,... moreI got some issues aftwr using only 1.7 years like phone's internal charging port got dead, also turbo charger pin got dead, heating too much, screen heating, battery got dead, lags wvery time, stereo speakers butsting.. almost full phone starting problems.. i am not able to use it...

  • Roy

3rd class phone and too expensive. First i broke the display and they asking me 10,000INR ($150) wtf.. so i just replaced it from local market at 3000INR ($45).

I bought it on December 2016 , so it is just 1 month difference between 2016-17 , i will say i bought it in 2017 . After using 1.7 year the battery got dead. And service center costing too high.. also there are not good battery-replacement available in local market.. stereo spekers started bursting, turbo charger cable and phones's charging port got diffalat.

I wasted my $400. Oh god. Never buy any garbage form motorola.😭😭😭­😭

  • wont charge

Smedger, 13 Aug 2018Hi. My Moto X style wont fast charge anymore. it will slowly cha... moreSame problem moto x pure is intermittent, won't work work at all with the turbocharger and from time to time wont power up or charge. USB current meter shows it goes to 500 mA then step down to .02 or less in a few seconds. show about 5V. Wont turn on now. Then a few days later it will work again. really annoying.

  • Smedger

Hi. My Moto X style wont fast charge anymore. it will slowly charge (apprx 8hrs) with any other micro usb charger though. It holds the charge just fine and is still going strong 3 years later with no other issues.

Anybody had this problem before and able to find a solution they could share?

  • Anonymous

black, 02 Jun 2018Hi friends, I have a Moto XForce that works well on System 6. Is... moreNougat on Xpure running well, moto voice still here, but better asked Xforce user if I were you.
Everything is still great

  • Girish

Iam facing ghost touch issue very severely..not even possible to use basic things like phone, messaging..anybody can give me a solution..

  • Anonymous

Been using this phone everyday since I got it 2.5 years ago and its going strong. Granted it's starting to show its age a bit compared to all of the new-new but it holds its own no problem. Physically ahead of its time with screen/bezel sizes. The Nougat update last year was great, only wish they brought Oreo to it as well. Great phone overall.

  • vivek

black, 02 Jun 2018Hi friends, I have a Moto XForce that works well on System 6. Is... moreyes go and update

  • black

Hi friends, I have a Moto XForce that works well on System 6. Is there a new update for System 7? Do you recommend me to update it? Will MotoVoice stay in System 7 as it is in System 6? Does the performance of the battery become better? Who has the i..

  • IRC

Great phone, best in sound quality from speakers I've ever heard, very good camera with high resolution 21mpx sensor, which isn't even found in new Moto/Lenovo models. Best screen resolution as well, rich and natural colours from IPSLCD. Still got it and is working fine almost as new after all this time, niw as a second phone. Battery doesn't show signs of deterioration so far. Best bargain made in purchasing this excellent model. Although doesn't have this modern common features such as finger print sensor etc, still got better specifications than most average mid range phones from nowadays, so yeah, I'll still use it to his limits. If you find one at a low price, it's a great purchase still.

  • AnonD-757908

Stewart, 19 Apr 2018impossible to get an oem battery replacement unless you go throu... moreNot in Malta. I needed a new battery and I got a brand new OEM one installed for €30 including fitment. That's one heck of a deal!

  • david

is it possible to change mother board (dead) by buying 2nd hand moto x style phone

  • Stewart

impossible to get an oem battery replacement unless you go through Motorola who won't supply one but will want the phone sent to them, until they get it they cannot even give you a quote on the replacement

  • AnonD-753067

I had my first Moto X Style aka Moto X Pure for eight months before the charger port worked its way free of the pcb. One Advanced RMA later, I got a new one. That second Moto X lasted about eight or nine months before the exact same issue started happening. It's been a long enough time that I'm ready to move to a newer phone without the micro USB port and with the USB-C port that is less likely to be damaged by moving the phone and cable at the same time. I'll probably buy a newer model, RMA the second phone, and get a third Moto X Pure to resell in its new or refurbished condition.

The battery life has been about four to six hours. The screen gets hot, almost scalding, when at full brightness and when processing loads get heavy (e.g. while playing Evoland). It also gets hot while charging, but hey, I'm not expecting them to circumvent the laws of physics. It's not like they can fit a water cooler in there (although some HDDs have helium gas inside them for cooling; who knows, maybe someday).

I like the display resolution and image quality. The newer Moto X managed to decrease the resolution down to regular old 1080p. 7/10

  • Optimus

john, 28 Mar 2018Surprised it has lasted this long. Its gone a full 2 years now w... moreNo fingerprint bro...

  • Anton

Had for 2 years, great phone no problems, best phone ever owned, loud stereo sound and phenomenal camera. A winner in every sense.

  • john

Surprised it has lasted this long. Its gone a full 2 years now with no case. No cracks or scratches. Looks like the battery lost about 40 % of its capacity though and im looking to upgrade from this phone to something better but it seems that for the same $300 price point this is still the best phone.

Anyone know of any contenders at the 300$ price point with a screen this good and a gpu to back it?

  • Anonymous

I've owned my Style since 2015 and it has been my daily workhorse since the day I purchased it. I noticed recently that after charging it to 100% the level dropped to 98% within a few minutes so I decided to replace the battery. That's only fair as the battery has been operating every day since purchase and it's reasonable to expect it to die off after two and a half years of constant use. Fitting a new battery only took twenty minutes and now the phone is as good as the first day, and not many phones can boast that.

  • CIR

Awesome phone. Best purchase I've made so far and still working smoothly after Nougat update last year. Best thing is the great sound quality from speakers, I find myself forgetting to use my BT speaker very often. Battery lasts all day with data, BT and games off but almost all phones nowadays last a day or less, so yeah you have to charge it every night. Doesn't hang at all, screen is working fine too. Have it since 2015, after 2 major updates and i still think to keep it for a good while, because the advantage comes from clean almost pure OS version witch it makes it light and assle free so far. Even after all this time battery doesn't show sign of deterioration. Way to go Moto.