Motorola Moto X Style

Motorola Moto X Style

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  • Matt

Wonder if the camera have manual mode like g4?

If this phone really has that great of a camera according to Dxomark and if the display is good then this will sell like hotcake.

  • suzu

Price $399, I'm sold now

  • loubielou

Motorola is going to become more popular again after the Pricing of the X Play Style,people will not be able to afford to buy the future Samsung Note 5 or Galaxy S6 Edge + or even the iPhone 6s,People will be very eager to see the Review about this phone and its camera,an can it really challenge Samsung or Apple,Hope it can,an show to Samsung that there really over pricing there current phones and losing some of there best options is going to back-fire on them

  • kerkar

...Man Of Steel..., 28 Jul 2015just perfect .... too sad it'll be only released in the US :(dont worry they will launch it globally soon

  • kerkar

Matthew, 28 Jul 2015Moto G got IPS LCD.. What about Moto X Play & Style.. No info..?Amoled

  • addy

why no ois

  • Matthew

Moto G got IPS LCD.. What about Moto X Play & Style.. No info..?

  • AnonD-2552

Excuse me... This phone had micro SD slot... Read the specs again...

  • Gean

i like this phone it's one of the best phones.
i like it...

  • bilz

great phone... always powerful moto

  • AnonD-418181

Doesn't have OIS or Laser Autofocus.

  • kakayum

a right decision by moto, dual flash lights, sd card capable up to 128 gb,accuratate lcd screen, 4k, hd slo, solid body materials and build quality, again moto will rock, I wish good luck moto......

If no Card slot you crying for it, if have it that problem as well? OMG
Size is no matter for me. - good
One day battery (3000mAh). - good
3gig of RAM - good
SD 808 is a better chioce than 810, but it doesn't seems much better then 805, only the number of cores makes it better. - if you have one of these devices Nexus 6, DROID Turbo or Moto Maxx no reason to change, if they packed a SD 820 into that would be great.

No optical image stabilization - That's BAD.

Gorgeous design - well done Moto X Play also. :)

I stay with my Moto Maxx.

  • Cprameshpandi

Still no dual sim option, battery not satisfied required at least 3500 mah

  • Jlmr

a motorola user since 2005­s-Motorola_WE-Site/en/Product-Show?pid=moto-x-st­yle-we

just perfect .... too sad it'll be only released in the US :(

  • AnonD-322352

AnonD-131417, 28 Jul 2015Why Motorola broke the rule? I don't like micro SD card slot on ... moreSimply don't use it. The slot is there for people who want to use it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2015Why don't they put a card slot it those phones? I had a first G... moreIt's got a card slot, read again

  • AnonD-391171

Sd card slot up to 128GB...