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  • Bert

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2015Galaxy S6 32gb and X style are around the same price on the Germ... moreAs I posted in a previous thread, I had the Moto for 4 days. In the end I took the Moto back.
The SD card was a reason to go with the Moto, but in the end I went with the S6 64Gb which only cost me 100 more. So no big deal there.
The main reason I took it back is that I found stock standard missing a lot of features you would find in a Samsung S6, mostly in the look and feel as well as performance.
I also found the battery on the Moto to be a disappointment, will not last the day with moderate use, and you constantly need to be micro managing the battery, wifi, screen brightness just so that it will last the day. On the other hand the S6 will last the day and get to midnight with the same use with at least 40% of battery left.
In addition there are no LED notifications with the Moto which was what broke the camels back for me. There is no way around it and I like to see the light and colour to see what type of message I have waiting for me. With the moto you had to wake up the screen to see if there was something.

  • Bert

AnonD-434000, 02 Oct 20151 if it is not having any LED light it does have a moto display ... moreYou obviously are looking at the specs and don't have the phone in your hands. I waited for the Moto since it was announce, I had it for 4 days and then I had to take it back.
The idea of stock standard is great, but there are way too many shortcomings against the user experience you get from other phones like the Samsung S6. That is what I have now and I am very happy with it. While with the Moto X Style was a case of "oh, it does not have this, how do I get around it" with the Samsung it has been a case of "Oh and it does this but also does that and the other". The S6 certainly makes the most of Android.

  • elvergalarga

sai, 06 Oct 2015any idea what is the rate.i dont not :C

  • Anonymous

sai, 06 Oct 2015any idea what is the rate.399$

  • AnonD-400419

Is it available in oman?

  • bale

Will fast charging affects the phone battery in x style??

  • sai

any idea what is the rate.

  • alih110

The spec sheet on GSM just mentions that Sensors are there. However it does not mention which all sensors are supported by Moto X Style. Can anyone help me with the sensors present in Style? Thanks.


AnonD-447510, 05 Oct 2015I'm confused between X-Style & Nexus 5x. Both Snapdragon 808... morenexus ditches motorola for new nexus device and opted huawei
so in same case motorola nailed nexus device with moto x style
400$ phone with 500$ features + pure android :)

  • Pranav

I m interested in buying motors play , but I need 3600mah battery . Can I able to change the moto x play's battery to moto x style ???

  • Dean

AnonD-447510, 05 Oct 2015I'm confused between X-Style & Nexus 5x. Both Snapdragon 808... moreIf you value more about the Micro SD slot, splash resistant and QHD display, then go for Moto X.
If you value more the fingerprint scanner, go for 5X.

Both have almost equally top notch / good cameras anyway.

  • Dean

please help... I'm planning to buy this phone. I just want to know first if the camera has Manual control settings? does is have shutter speed settings? or does Camera FV-5 works on it?

  • AnonD-447510

I'm confused between X-Style & Nexus 5x. Both Snapdragon 808 but 3gb ram in X-Style. plus bigger screen size plus xtendable SD card plus water-repellant.WIN-WIN!!.
Now things LG 5X has over X-Style and my doubts :- fingerprint screen scanner , stock android marshmallow right out of the box so maybe 2Gb is sufficient and type C reversible charger.
Questions : In India android pay - payment might not be available and if it is cant use in day to day activity, Type-C charger- is it really that difficult to look at charger port before plugging in? LAZY!!!!
The confusion over these phone let Moto Nexus 6 slip into my mind as it crashes all of the above specs. I have used Xperia Z1, Z2, Samsung S4,S5 and I Think Nexus 6 all the time?

Please guide me between X-Style Nexus 5X or I shud shut-up and get MotoNexus 6. maybe the price will drop even further and I'll get 35Gb version at less the cost of Nexus 5X

  • Jeet

Kp, 04 Oct 2015Which phone should i buy one plus one or moto x style ?Moto x style is better choice

  • Anonymous

AnonD-322352, 25 Sep 2015Dual stereo speakers.Lonching date

  • Zac

Hopefully it's available outright in Australia instead of just locked to a Vodafone contract. Would anyone know?

  • Anonymous

Loving my Moto X Pure! Best phone I've ever owned.

  • android fan

this phone is awesome way better then droid turbo

  • Kp

Piyush, 31 Aug 2015Hello Pravish, Looking at your budget i can suggest some. Sin... moreWhich phone should i buy one plus one or moto x style ?

  • .

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2015Hello Moto, In Australia the Style is only available on an ov... moreApparently u can buy it outright.