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  • Anonymous

No update to Android 9 or later for this one. Other than that, this works great. Mine is 3yr old and still works great! Handles conferences, calls, chats, video and everything else just great.

  • Anonymous

Just A Boring Guy, 01 Mar 2020there's a release already, go to xda Z2 play xda forum ther... moreI love very thing about this phone but the only problem is when you use head set and you had a call it is hardly to see who is calling you unless you have ear pic inside before you can see who is calling... can you do something about it

  • UK user

Can people please confirm what version of official Android you have on your phone in the UK? Have people received the update to Android 9?

  • lastace

had this phone for more than 3 years works great best speakers thinking of getting new phone but don't think new ones compare mind you I paid over 800.00 for it but it was worth it .

  • greg

i had this phone for 3 + years. Not one problem. everything works. still a great phone

  • Anonymous

Nikola, 22 Oct 2020It was awesome phone first and half of second year and i lo... moreSimilar things happened to me.

  • Nikola

It was awesome phone first and half of second year and i loved it, but after that everything went wrong, battery, fast charging (doesnt exist anymore), flash light (dont work every time or work only one of two lights , probems with camera (closing itself 3sec after after switching on), Phone shuting itself down on 0-70% battery random on every little more "complex" action like recording for instagram, after that it took 10 minutes to turn it on , and after turning on he have 30% less battery and go again off when doing someting "complex"
Even going back to the factory settings and deleting all data from phone didn’t help
I still using this phone and I DO NOT recommend it.

  • Anonymous

In my gallery I really enjoyed....light, color and pop!!! It changed the other day to enhance, warm and cool.....YUCK I HATE THE CHANGE!

  • Thomas

For long i have been a fan of Motorola, as there phones were quite sturdy. Unfortunately, it seems the quality went down since they are part of Lenovo, don't know if it is a coincidence. My super charger failed after 1,5 year, and last week, 2,5 years since i purchased it, the phone usb had a short circuit. Luckily i was there and notified by the smell of burning, otherwise who knows what could have happened. Battery damaged, USB port damaged. It's time for a new, updated, phone, and i won't go for Motorola this time.

Perhaps the best Android I have used. Bought it in exchange for Sony Xperia Z2, which croaked on me after 1 year. Never intended to use the Mods, but battery life blew me away. Easily lasted 2 plus days on it and went almost 3 days once.

unfortunately, the battery was fauly and swelled and burnt the shit out of the phone, so sold it for 3K fo scrap. Moved onto iPhone.

  • AP

Eoo, 24 Aug 2020Euros (in a flash sale), the camera is poor but does it job... moreProbably the best phone from renewed Motorola brand. Too bad Motorola hasn't made any decent phone ever since. It's been 3 years and no worthy successor of this phone is available. I also think it's time to say farewell to Motorola.

  • Raaj.

When ll . Android 9 pie update come in indian version ?? Anyone suggest ? Please

Eoo, 24 Aug 2020Time for my review, after using this for 2.5 years now I ca... moreEuros (in a flash sale), the camera is poor but does it job just fine but I think I am going to be switching soon, farewell baby, and probably also farewell Motorola

Time for my review, after using this for 2.5 years now I can finally say... The screen is still amazing it still does it job just fine with the lower end Snapdragon CPU. And storage is well enough, I added a simple Samsung sd card (now I have 128gb). Now oh boy there are some negatives this phone is not worth anything above 160$ rn, the battery is so bad (but that's just because I might have over used it) and moto mods are dumb, I got this phone for 169

The Guy Leaving Moto, 08 Jul 2020After 2 years of having this phone, I have to plug it up to... moreReplace ur battery

  • The Guy Leaving Moto

After 2 years of having this phone, I have to plug it up to use it at all. For example right now it is charging/ staying at the same charge. Sometimes it will hit 70% battery and die. I am happy to report that I'm getting the new iPhone SE though.

After two years I have some battery drain problems (especialy in instagram, tik tok etc) But I still love it. I would buy it again, I have 3 moto mods, projector, jbl and gamepad. Projector is marvelous!

  • KevinH

The wife and I have both been using one of the predecessors of the Z2 Play, the Z Force XT-1650, and we're extremely pleased with both of them. We've had the pair over 2 years now and they have been troublefree. Last fall I trashed mine when I attempted a battery replacement without all the right equipment and ended up with a destroyed screen to go with the fried battery. That all being said, I've been shopping around for a replacement or possibly an upgraded version of the Moto line, and happened across a used Z2 Play 32GB at a local shop for $149 so I decided to see what I can learn about this model. Other than the complaints about the shortened battery life due to the 3000 mAh in comparison to the 3500 mAh in the Z Force, I think my replacement will be one of the 64GB Z2, providing that I can find a nice one in my price range.

LYRICS BLACK, 28 Feb 2020I have not received Android 9 pie yet why Moto sometime the... moreThere's already a release bro(Brazilian/Indian and Mexican), it's just u need to do it manually, go to xda moto z2 play forum, download the OTA file there and it has easy to follow instructions

I downloaded the Brazilian/Indian one with build number PPS29.133-30 its has September 2019 security patch, im using the XT1017-09 model and its working fine

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2019this phone is trash I'm sick and tired of the secondary ads... moreads?? you've installed something in ur phone? that everytime u're connected to internet it triggers a pop up?? go to playstore look for ads push detector install it and follow the instructions.. moto z2 play is stock android not miui so don't say the phone's got ads, learn how to use ur phone, if u dont like then get a new one and stop complaining.