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Motorola Moto Z3

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The thickness of this phone with the 5G Moto Mod reminds me of the UMTS phones from 2003 like the Sony Ericsson Z1010 and NEC e606.

  • Anonymous

No reason to upgrade even from the original moto z.

  • mot427

So I think I figured it out.

- Moto released a "1 year" mid range phone so that in 2019 when 5G is a thing people will be willing to buy a real flagship Z series in Fall 2019. If you think about it...all the flagships coming out this fall are gonna be $800-1000+ and will be "obsolete" come next year. But because of the 2 year contracts, people won't be willing to upgrade to a 5G phone until 2020.

-Also Motorola still has IFA (basically a German version of Mobile World Congress) at the end of August, 1st of September. So we still have a chance to see a new Flagship (Moto One/Power?)


$480 for a sd 835?!, eww no

Hello Moto look i know you're still struggling but don't give up Motorola your Moto Z series is still good but you know what i think you should team up with Nokia make a Hybrid Phone Called Motorola Nokia G6.1 and G6.1 Plus just like Sony Ericsson and you will have happier and simplier life just do it for me i'm believe in you

What's wrong with this legendary brand? When everyone is playing numbers game, they are still stuck at 4GB RAM. And even Vivo is planning for 10GB RAM phone. I know 10 GB RAM is a useless gimmick but atleast 6GB RAM is expected from this flagship.

  • Anonymous

We expect more from the Motorola, I think z2 force is much better than the z3. Sd 835 in 2018 :(

This is such a flop, Lenovo officially killed the flagship line. This phone was literally made to just continue to support the motomod ecosystem which isn't going so well either

  • Anonymous

This phone can also function as a step ladder when you need to reach higher, because of the size of the camera bump.

if it has 3.5 jack..then will fullfil everyone needs