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Mobxpert, 17 Feb 2021I mean this is the best slimmest phone ever made.It wasn't made to be slim. It's quite bulky with any of the Mod. It was made with Mods, for enthusiast. Sadly Moto discontinued the Z series lineup.

I can't help but think that the Moto Z family would still be here if Motorola launched a flagship variant of this phone with an SD 855 chipset. That would be a solid follow up to both Moto Z2 Force and Moto Z3. SD 675 only makes it a successor to the midrange-tier Moto Z3 Play.

  • TommyCameronlilsleep

GioCR, 06 Feb 2021Go for z3 I had z1 z2 play and z3. Sold my z3 and saved fo... moreMotorola Moto Z3 has a snapdragon 835 processor to wipe out most of today's competition

Mobxpert, 17 Jan 2021Why? I am thinking of buying this phone..I mean this is the best slimmest phone ever made.

  • nunya

Having issues with the z4 not being compatible with voLTE, which I understand is being used by more carriers

Sanman, 03 May 2019I have old Moto Z Play and have 3 mods (battery mod, JBL So... moreIdk if they answered your question, but yes mods are compatible.

Mobxpert, 17 Jan 2021Why? I am thinking of buying this phone..Go for z3
I had z1 z2 play and z3. Sold my z3 and saved for z4. I only kept z4 because of the headphone jack. I don't like bluetooth headphones. The only things I like about z4 is the headphone jack, night vision camara and the bigger screen. The finger scanner on z4 sucks A LOT z3 scanner is way efficient and fast.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2021I purchased this phone knowing the end is near. But I had t... moreI agree, a really good phone. The mods are fine, got finally the wireless charger, too. The JBL speaker, the Hasselblad camera and some other mods are useful.
Had before Samsung 10+ and Razer P2, but prefer this.

  • Anonymous

I purchased this phone knowing the end is near. But I had to see the projector mod for myself. Ad for all the hate toward this phone I don't see why. The stock launcher, big screen, The mods make this phone miles ahead of the big rigs. The camera is great just like the xr one camera and it's really good. I just can't figure out why. Example these so called reviews cried when they took away the phone jack and when the z4 brought it back. They bitched about another thing. The design of the phone is still Nice. This phone had so much hate for being a premium device. Pixel is plastic smaller screen and the only real highlight is the camera. Whatever. This device is Worth it. The Rich blacks and great screen beats any newer phone in the price range. The projector mod is the Best.

  • BigB

Had it for 1.5 years, still have it to this day. I liked it, it's nice for the value, no major issues, a bit of annoying OLED screen burn-in, though it's still runs great. However looking back, Motorola really left us behind and basically the entire Z-series base with this phone, disappointing that we didn't get anything better.
Battery could be better, lasts me though most of the day, that's it.
Not to mention these phones don't hold their value at all for trade in, mine's probably worth less than $20 right now, wouldn't be suprised if Verizon offers me less since Motorola stopped producing these phones a few months back.

I liked the simple stock android UI these phones had, and even locked under Verizon, still ran smooth with minimal issues.

This is my second Motorola phone, my first being the Z2 Play which had UI issues and a fragile screen, but after getting a replacement and after the Oreo update, absolutely fell in love with it.

I would buy another Motorola phone, but I feel they are treating the Edge and Edge+ in the same way they did to the Z4, just kill off support after only a year.

This will be my last Motorola phone, goodbye moto.

Mikhail kalashnikov, 08 Jan 2021i love this phone this is the best phone ever Why?

I am thinking of buying this phone..

i love this phone this is the best phone ever

  • Bart

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Can anyone tell me if you can use an external microphone wi... moreYes you can. It has to be a 3 ring 3.5mm connector to work.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me if you can use an external microphone with this phone? I have a Snowball Ice I would like to record audio with when I use the video portion of the camera app.

  • Anonymous

Wish they would continue this line, especially with compatibility to the mods. I've had my Z4 for over year and the battery+mod is excellent, and I'm happy with the product.

  • J.B.

I've had my Motorola Z4 for well over a year and it still works great. The 360 degree Mod Camera makes fantastic pics & videos and my social media Pal's are in awe of the view on my postings because the panoramic view appears like your actually there. I also use it as a flight controller for my DJI Drone. Moto is priced great too, glad I didn't fall for the Pixel & iphone hype.

  • BigWolf

For me this is an excellent phone and even better with the mods

I'm liking my Z4. Although I'll admit that my liking is largely because of my moto mod collection, the phone by itself is fine. I am happy to have a phone with an SD card and headphone jack, and everything seems to work fine for me. The fingerprint reader is not exactly "excellent," but it works for the most part. Not anything like I've read in reviews. And then there is the complaint about a "gap" around the edges of the moto mods because of the bevel. NOT a problem, I actually like that it make them a little easier to pull off. My comments are not intended to defend this phone from the phone snobs, it's more for the folks who might want to update from the Z3, or would like dip their toe in Moto Z ecosystem while they are still available new.

  • Willowjr

Any update for the Z4 ?

  • Anonymous

Taureck, 21 Mar 2020I agree that the customer makes or breaks the manufacturer'... moreYeah.