Motorola Motoluxe XT389

Motorola Motoluxe XT389

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AnonD-639683, 30 Jan 2017Great English, did you even get past 2nd grade??Outta learning curiosity, what's exactly wrong w the text?

  • AnonD-639683

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2015I don't like this phone.It's very bad,not runs good,and the batt... moreGreat English, did you even get past 2nd grade??

  • Anonymous

What is the limit for a SD Card?

  • Kunyex

the phone can not connect to any network. how do i unlock it

  • stunner

love this phone but the internal memory is too small and apps wont run on external memory so i keep getting low space
i hate that

  • AnonD-445106

ruben, 08 Mar 2014Sd card cant go. How does it go?Superb phone but battry very bad so can i use other quality highest battery by altration?plse tell me anybody repky or teply me

  • Anonymous

Superb phone xt389 but battery very bad can i use highest quality other company battery by alteration plse email me or reply.

  • Anonymous

I don't like this phone.It's very bad,not runs good,and the battery is bad.

  • Anonymous

if your device is not rooted screen shot wont work on it

  • AnonD-337773

sir I have a motorola xt389 but it is now hang all time only show moto then it no responce

  • Derbyram

Lost mains charger and need new one .where and what is the model number please for motorola xt 389 phone

  • Anonymous

my motorola cannot take screen shot why???

  • SSLK

Andy, 10 Jun 2014I used to have no problem with my phone's browser untill recentl... moreI have also same problem Please HELP ME

  • Anonymous

can i upgrade the android version from 2.3.6 to 4.4 ...

  • durgan

This is an excellent rock model. Working very nice.
I have not faced any problems with it. Some times feel like having more RAM memory. Any way to enhance this? Or can we upgrade this to 4.XX ?These are my questions
( mail :

  • help needed

I cannot move apps to my sd card help please

  • AnonD-226297

I am using this phone from 1 year but now from 2 months I have been facing the network problem. Most of the times it show Emergency Call Only, even that the same SIM card works fine in another phones. I've tried another SIM cards but the problem continues.

  • Andy

I used to have no problem with my phone's browser untill recently when I can't download any video or audio content on my phone. I have tried resetting the phone but still...please help me!

  • damu

how to move apps in sd card plz zzz tell me

  • damu

AnonD-231847, 11 Feb 2014heyy, need help, how can i move my apps to the sd card??? my pho... morehow to move apps in ad card plz say me