Motorola Motoluxe XT389

Motorola Motoluxe XT389

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  • Lenz

with root and cm7 this hardware fly over many other qualcomm 800mhz + adreno200 (galaxy ace...lg optimus hub htc sony) benchmarck with stock rom is 25% faster then qualcomm+adreno200 platforms

  • AnonD-51487

AnonD-72826, 22 Sep 2012Can someone please tell me how to calibrate it because in my set... moreThat left us a while back when touch resistive screens were dumped, thankfully. I have this device and can confirm it is aligned just fine, touch response is very good, don't like the viewing angle in landscape very polorised. Audio good, beter than motoluxe, and faster thanks to lower screen res'.

  • AnonD-72826

Can someone please tell me how to calibrate it because in my settings it has nothing about calibration or touch settings?

  • Firesong

Judging by your spelling...i'd say the phone is actually smarter.....

  • murugan

Phone looks gud , But have less pixel only 3MP without flash ...........


Looks lyk the other motoluxe Design is awesome gud take. .hope it wud be low price as specs are somewhat lyk htc explorer or galaxy y but design and style is awesome

  • Via Balmeo

Phone is slow like me...