Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611

Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611

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  • Anonymous

I kinda wish it had the old physical buttons but still ran android. that would be frickin gold. Touchscreen keyboard is still very slow and i still see lots of people who would prefer the old style of typing. That on an android would make me love Motorola.

  • warleyfox

resurrection a1200??

  • Anonymous

i think A Radio in this phone is A Must...even if it is just FM Radio without RDS or track id and all those other options

  • J


  • DT

No radio...Moto please add this application :)

  • 100 Moto

For those who are questioning about the needs of the lid, I wonder does any of you ever drive?

If so, have you try to "slide and unlock" while driving? Or would it be easier to simply "open the flip"?

I have always arranged flip phones for my parents for ease of operation. Nothing is simpler than open the lid to answer a phone call.

  • Rasheed

From the photo it looks just like a V8 or V9. I have used av8, v9, Droid pro touch, Charm touch, very good performance. In this model, can any one tell me whats the use of the flip open lid ? it looks like only a clear glass cover to protect the screen. Am I correct. Anyway in my experience I like Motorola.

  • AnonD-52474

why is that lid for ??

  • Anonymous

is for Europa?

  • xela

Come on! This reminds me of the bird fones where side of the flip had nothing but the earpiece and a transparent screen, how do u type comfortably in landscape mode on this fone. This is intuitively backwards and even if u cud use the fone wit the flip closed, whats t point of wasti xtra material?

  • Anonymous

Looking at the spec., this phone definitely is not a high end Android devise, but the idea & design is top notch.

I bet this phone will have the top call quality Motorola is renowned for, and the size should be very pocket-able.

Wish that Motorola will produce this phone with a limited edition, more or less like the high class looking Limited edition Gold color V8.

  • AnonD-6900

awesome......Moto always goes one step ahead....good job.

  • Fuad

Certainly Promising

  • zomg nice

Zomg nice Asia Market to please I agree when it coming?.

  • Flip-BackFlip

ClamShells are back with android inside! wooh loved the classic V3i, V8, V9 from Motorola.This one is gr8.Expecting some superior Flip ones.Good job wid smart flip loved this.Missed the clamshells.Loved to see motorola bringing them back :)

  • Anonymous

Motorola phones are good, especially in the good old days when there's the V9, V8, V3 or even the Motorola KRZR K3.

All amazing phones!

  • ferry

i think its rather close to motoming than razr v series

  • Niki

Wow, Android flip phone from Motorola. The design looks good like RAZR2 V8 or RAZR2 V9. But, still no information about the dimensions.

  • Marco

COOL! Combo of RAZR2 V8/V9 and MotoMing with Android!

Very good, although the Snapdragon could be clocked to 1Ghz to make it more desirable for more buyers.

  • Anonymous

it looks like the moto razr , but the outer screen should have had some buttons , as every time you want to use your phone features you do have to open the clamshell