Motorola MPx220

Motorola MPx220

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  • Dude phones
  • 3Lp
  • 07 Sep 2022

cool phone

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    • George Marius Dautar
    • HRh
    • 08 Jan 2022

    Anonymous, 09 Nov 2004i swear this phone is so bad i got ripped off when i was tr... more:)

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      • coolnezz
      • 49b
      • 30 Jun 2016

      Great little phone. Owned it for six years ('04-'10). Had good memories with it in college.

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        • Scott
        • vbJ
        • 01 Dec 2012

        kitten, 07 Aug 2012dearzzzzzzzz plz can somone guide me for its battery and ba... morehttp://www

        Remove the space after www

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          • kitten
          • 6PS
          • 07 Aug 2012

          dearzzzzzzzz plz can somone guide me for its battery and back lid.... i have this fone but with lake of these two

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            • bokaf
            • fuI
            • 16 Jul 2012

            please can you help me with the battle of your mpx220... i have one but can not get the battle to buy in ghana-west africa..

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              • az
              • X0$
              • 09 May 2012

              you can say it has duel camera.when you open camera option and frame appears then flip down the screen then also you can click the picture which appears in small outer screen. so you can say it has duel camera.

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                • AZ
                • t}H
                • 26 Apr 2011

                these was my first own phone which i bought in jan 2006.
                its great experience to have window mobile in those days.
                but i had some problem with its gprs version in india which not supported to any carriers in those days.

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                  • Zvono45
                  • 3@g
                  • 21 Mar 2011

                  moto fan, 14 Sep 2007Have had this phone for 2 years, best phone I have ever ow... moremoto fan,
                  what do you say about doom? great game after all.
                  i wait one mpx220 and i'm sure it's great. doomce
                  works on my Moto q9h with windows mobile 6.1. I'm sure
                  it's working on Smartphone 2003.

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                    • Zvono45
                    • 3@g
                    • 21 Mar 2011

                    user, 11 Feb 2008I have the mpx 4 three years now it works well no problems ... moreHi user,
                    you need to check eBay.

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                      • Zvono45
                      • 3@g
                      • 21 Mar 2011

                      bigbell, 12 Jan 2009mpx 220 is excellent .why isn't it continued ?Hi bigbell,
                      GPRS settings depend on your mobile carrier and are
                      different. Contact your mobile carrier for GPRS settings.

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                        • AnonD-1662
                        • 3cH
                        • 15 Feb 2011

                        I had this excelent flip-phone soon after it was released around 2005. I can remember is an exelent phone as I still have it in my possesion but the battery is dead. Excelent times I spent along this phone which we must not forget it is a quad-band, so basically can get you almost anywhere in the world. By the time, somewhere in 2006 I was detached for couple of months in Italy, in Liguria and had this phone with me. It kept me long hours of talk time in roaming and had StreetMaps installed on this tiny phone. Thumbs up!

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                          • kitten
                          • uWx
                          • 03 Mar 2010

                          due to battery cover lost want to exchange my bit used with-???

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                            • kitten
                            • uWx
                            • 03 Mar 2010

                            is there some one who need this set bit used to exchange with ???????

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 2S%
                              • 16 Jan 2010

                              Noah Protais, 15 Feb 2009I want a help about a situation in my MPx220. I dont no ... moreif u wanna 2 remove flight mode firstly off the phone ,then on it slowly . as soon as it is on touch the volume button then the options will come to display u may follow them and escape the flight mode .
                              please tell me where will i find a new body cover , battery, charger. and i would like to format my mpx 220.

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                                • Pablo
                                • PdX
                                • 28 Dec 2009

                                vasanth, 17 Aug 2009hello, pls send the pc suite for mpx220 mobile. pls pls pl... moreYou need download "AtiveSync" from microsoft. ;)

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                                  • Wachague
                                  • N7D
                                  • 06 Oct 2009

                                  MPx220Fan, 21 Feb 2009Best phone ever! The quad band gets the greatest reception.... moreHi, have aproblem with the accessories of my Mpx220.can i get any assistance pls? My mail adress ( thanks.

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                                    • vasanth
                                    • ut1
                                    • 17 Aug 2009

                                    hello, pls send the pc suite for mpx220 mobile.
                                    pls pls pls help. i badly need it...!!!

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                                      • kamms
                                      • u10
                                      • 30 Jun 2009

                                      Jimmy, 25 Apr 2008The MPX220 was a problematic phone with the original rom in... moreHi......

                                      as i have gone through your comment and the problem that u have faced and the solving the problem.. so, can u help me to know how to can i solve my problem as i have a problem with my Network which has frequent network fr-actuation and also my soft ware i want to upgrade my rom....please help me what i can do..need ur help......please reply me....

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                                        • kamms
                                        • u10
                                        • 30 Jun 2009

                                        I m using MPx 220 since 20 months well i have got all the features that i have been searching...but the main problem i have been facing is the Battery which has no back up and it runes very fast but from some time back the main problem i m facing in this phone is network it give no network it keeps on searching and no service, i don't want to change my cell coz i like these cell very much...Also i have been searching to replace its battery and its housing but unfortunately i haven't been able to get it is a rare phone...can i get its battery and housing...and please suggest me how can i solve its network problem...facing lots of problem with its network...??? please suggest me.......