Motorola MPx220

Motorola MPx220

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  • hassan
  • vbf
  • 08 Jun 2009

Jimmy, 25 Apr 2008The MPX220 was a problematic phone with the original rom in... moreplease could someone send me the pc suite of this set?also the procedure to upgrade my

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    • MPx220Fan
    • R1{
    • 21 Feb 2009

    Best phone ever! The quad band gets the greatest reception. I will be hoarding every one of these phones i can get my hands on. So that if my first one ever fails I can replace it. I am up to three now.

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      • Noah Protais
      • ftI
      • 15 Feb 2009

      I want a help about a situation in my MPx220.

      I dont no how to remove the Fligth Mode.

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        • bigbell
        • PZH
        • 12 Jan 2009

        mpx 220 is excellent .why isn't it continued ?

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          • Anonymous
          • w4Y
          • 26 Dec 2008

          can someone tell me the GPRS settings for this mobile to connect internet

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            • Aravin
            • vGu
            • 25 Dec 2008

            Jimmy, 25 Apr 2008The MPX220 was a problematic phone with the original rom in... moreHi,
            I have been using this MPx220 from past 30 months. I feel, one of the Motorola's best cutest phone. I was using it as my Mini Office/Briefcase. Recently my home Comp. windows crashed and I had to reinstall Moto's CD as well. After fresh installation, I could able to sync. address book with my Desktop Outlook. I had more than 5 to 6 thousand SMS stored on the phone. Not sure what I did on it. Once it asked me to restart the handset. After that, it has completely vanished all my messages and since then whenever restart the handset, no SMSs stays in any of my folders. I also noticed there is a Messaging folder consisting of 7000 fies with zero in size. Please assist me... (I came to know my Desktop was infected with many Trojans). Does this smartphone affected by any viruses? If yes, how to scan it?

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              • Vijay Harsha
              • waZ
              • 14 Nov 2008

              Risper akinyi, 09 Oct 2008Hi i own a motorola mpx220 for a month now but it i swit... moreHi Risper akiyini,
              one thing that can be done is to reset the phone but take the back up of files in the phonew as it erases the whole phone meory .Remove the memory card if installed and switch of the phone and later on switch on the phone by pressing the select button(circular blue one) and follow the instructions it will reset the phone almost all the issues with MPX220 will be resolved .I used to own one but lost it loved this phone but reallly miss this one.

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                • Risper akinyi
                • ftV
                • 09 Oct 2008

                i own a motorola mpx220 for a month now but it i switched it off inorder to charge the battery fully. after put it on for use it lost its network completely pls advise i really love my phone.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0xY
                  • 07 Jul 2008

                  Thats the flat cabel...

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                    • Phone_man
                    • 41F
                    • 21 Jun 2008

                    I have tried the 3125, Ming, Shadow, Tilt, sidekick, n95, iPhone, Touch, and this phone is still by far the best phone I the have ever owned. Great reception and voice quality. It seems all the smartphone makers have forgotten no matter how many features they add the most important thing is being a good phone! Had it 3 years and still the one I choose to carry in my pocket!! If Motorola added 3G, a bit more memory, and a better camera, this phone would be their savior!!

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                      • Brian Daniels
                      • YHN
                      • 29 May 2008

                      Jimmy, 25 Apr 2008The MPX220 was a problematic phone with the original rom in... moreHey I just bought this phone off of ebay. do you think you can email me the rom upgrade if you still have it.


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                        • lancelot
                        • 0MQ
                        • 25 Apr 2008

                        i have this phone almost a year and a half, i wanted to know that after times have past with my phone now the fotocamera and video doesn't work anymore on its monitor shows that an error and cannot capture the image.... why is it?

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                          • Jimmy
                          • Nxs
                          • 25 Apr 2008

                          The MPX220 was a problematic phone with the original rom installed. I purchased mine in the USA and it had a variety of issues. However after extensive research on my behalf I managed to gather information and software that solved all the phone's problems.I live in South Africa now and have helped Motorola SA solve their problems with the MPX220.My phone works perfectly with no problems at all. You are welcome to contact me and I will gladly share the info.

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                            • VoA
                            • M6V
                            • 03 Apr 2008

                            Have this for 3 years now. The speaker malfunctions for about 6 months now, have to use speakerphone. Sometimes it can hang when there's incoming call, so it needs to be restarted maybe once every 1-3 days. Overall, this is still a quite good phone to use. Sms-ing is easy, I like the keypads. Design is also cool.

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                              • user
                              • q{2
                              • 11 Feb 2008

                              I have the mpx 4 three years now it works well no problems at all however i do need new face mask do to my dropping and kicking the phone any idea where i can buy new face i have the nokia n-95 however if the moto heave the GPS and wi-fi i will be using the moto

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                                • Anonymous
                                • GaQ
                                • 05 Feb 2008

                                had this fone for about 2 years now.. works well... but alot of problems over the time.. i took it apart many times to fix different issues with it.. dont get it if u dont want to work on it

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                                  • Mihai
                                  • pkY
                                  • 05 Feb 2008

                                  How do I keep the flash opened at Moto mpx22o ????pls help me

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                                    • brynn
                                    • nFR
                                    • 27 Nov 2007

                                    still a gorgeous looking clamshell and wish they would bring it out again with up to date spec

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 2Tb
                                      • 25 Nov 2007

                                      bad phone.........

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 2Tb
                                        • 25 Nov 2007

                                        such an useless phone.the most disgusting feeling i have ever felt is by using this phone....this phone alone can alone spoil the reputation of motorola...