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Motorola One Fusion+

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  • byrua

Better than flagman Moto Edge. Its a fail of MOTO, they dont sale this model on a territory of ex-USSR.
In a result, I am suffering now with damned Xiaomi.

  • Sadis

wayne34, 15 May 2021This phone costs 190 euros in my country...Where can I get it from in EU?

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2021One of the best 2020 Motorola phones. agree

  • ale

It will receive Android 11? On Motorola website they say "This device is expected to receive Android 11, pending partner approval, if that's required."... not so encouraging...

  • Anonymous

One of the best 2020 Motorola phones.

Regarding GCam, which one you guys use? I found some Nikita one and it isn't really good. Tried BGR and it was not good either. This device's camera is really pathetic. Never should have bought a phone without OIS, no matter how cheap.

  • Kit

Anonymous, 31 May 2021I want internal build screen recorder. Eveny phone have th... moreWho cares? You do understand there's such a thing as apps you can install, yes? Phones are about build and OS.

  • Anonymous

I want internal build screen recorder.
Eveny phone have their internal recorder but Motorola doesn't have.
This is bad.

This phone costs 190 euros in my country...

Nikola88, 02 May 2021i have this phone for 7 months also. ive never had any call... moreI guess you have replied to a wrong person.

SShreyas, 17 Apr 2021But there are tons of cases and screen protectors available... morei have this phone for 7 months also. ive never had any calling problems actually 2mic system is implemented very addicted to need for speed no limit.qualcomm snapdragon 730 takes less than 20 seconds to fully load game start. tried all other popular games it eats them like a piece of cake.heating? after hours of playing and torturing phone it stays cold as first moment i took it in my hand. if i go to bed with 95% battery sleep 9 hours i wake up with 94 percent of battery. stock android is ultimate option if you dont use can uninstall literally every application you dont want in your phone. camera makes miracles when take shot on moving targets. macro cam makes miracles also. front camera is motorised which makes you feel like a boss when open it. moto actions makes phone even more useful. nfc and compass missing makes me a bit frustrated but when i think about it when was the last time i had to use it i figured it was never. i have both on smartwatch loudspeaker sound better and stronger than many phones with two software is so handy and simple. my only complaint is because im still waiting for Android 11 on a 2020 costs 300 euro so any moaning about 580hz refresh super amoled and ultra deep water resist would be really to much.sideback fingerprint sensor is outdated way i know but it works almost perfect. all those things are facts. you welcome

  • Tanup

My wife is having this smartphone for last 8 months and she has never complained anything regarding any issues. She is a moderate user and gets a screen on time of more than 7 hrs with full charge. Stock android is just awesome, though the battery charger is only 18 Watts, I would recommend you to not go for quick chargers as will gradually hamper your battery and life.

Anudeep, 08 Apr 2021The Worst Phone I've ever used. I'm writing th... moreBut there are tons of cases and screen protectors available on Amazon

  • Umar

Bittu, 27 Mar 2021Hey , I am using this phone for 6 6 months, superb phone bu... morePlease check on Amazon for hard case and tempered screen guard

  • Umar

I am facing calling issues in motorola one fusion plus

  • Anudeep

The Worst Phone I've ever used.

I'm writing this review after 7 months of use.

The basic feature of a mobile phone is calling feature which is worst. I checked with different service providers and the result is same from the first day itself. As I lost my phone I had been forced to use this worst phone.

Automatically switch off and on and gets heated a lot.

Unable to find either temper glass or hard case covers exactly fit to this model.

Customer Care personnel are not knowledgeable with this phone as they are unable to solve the above issues.

  • Parth

Hi I am using fusion plus having call confrence problem. Any of you facing this issue, Is there any remedy for this.

  • Bittu

Hey , I am using this phone for 6 6 months, superb phone but I had dropped phone several times, screen guard saved the screen, but that poor case with phone is useless & now it's loose. Please suggest me good hard cases for phone as there is no hard cases available, Please let me know if you know

  • Anonymous

Barun7, 05 Mar 2021Has it received the Android 11 yet? Can anyone confirm? I ... morenot yet

  • rublez

In general it is a good phone, although it causes pain in the hand, but what is unforgivable is that it does not have the internal compass needed for some apps that I use. any $75 device has it, and for the brazilian market it comes with only 4gb of ram, instead of 6gb in the rest of the world. Motorola knows that brazilians are rich and they don't care paying more and have less.