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Motorola One Fusion+

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Oblix, 08 Jun 2020Can it compete with the Note 9S in the price range? If it i... moreI have a 9s. I would have paid 50% more for a pop-up camera. The notch in the middle is a nightmare, it attracts the eye even on black background, it's worse than a classical notch, it eats deeper into the screen and creates more contrast that catches your sight.

Unmoto, 09 Jun 2020realme gives this type of specification in $150.Ok, mention 1 realme phone with the sd730 at 150$.

  • Pete001


  • Pete001

in motorola discovered sd7xx. finally.

I like the white one. It is not the most beautiful phone ever made but I really like its design because it just looks useable. I like this bezels and the white color of the front.
It is a bit similar to LG G6 which was one of my favourite phone design-wise. I do not like this full bezelless thing. I use a S10+ and it is not comfortable to hold because of the so tiny bezels and curved screen.

  • Anonymous

Hi, is Google-Maps usable without E-compass??

vs88, 09 Jun 2020it is not androidone? pass.Me too hahaha

  • Anonymous

I want the white one

SD730 with 64MP main camera in 4 cameras? Huh?

I am still missing successor of my Moto X4 but this one is impressive midranger also.

  • vs88

it is not androidone? pass.


the good story on motorola is that the google experience si almost PIXEL like...
you can even add the pixel camera with GCAM
much better than any XIAOMI HUAWEI OPPO and other "amazing on paper " phone...
motorola has direct google support and can update the Os...
its amazing ... i have the g8plus and its amazing... for games, multimedia and battery life...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2020Is it so difficult to offer symmetrically sized bezels?? T... moreDon't be silly, most phones in this price segment don't have OIS.

  • Unmoto

realme gives this type of specification in $150.

release it in india nd watch the fun. a lot of us indians want phones with external storage topping at 1 or 2 tb not like those cheap crap from our northern neighbour who tops off at 156 or 512gb

no ois or eis !!!

  • Anonymous

Is it so difficult to offer symmetrically sized bezels??
They don't even include dual speakers so there is no excuse nor reason.
OLED would have been more marketable although some people actually like IPS, and this forces a physical rear-fingerprint which I like.
No OIS is a real flaw that makes it a no-buy.

  • 3

xmarijan, 08 Jun 2020Seems like a mix (or fusion) between One Hyper and G8 Power... morenah its just single speaker

  • Noah

I want to see comparison with google pixel 4a

  • xmarijan

Seems like a mix (or fusion) between One Hyper and G8 Power. Looks sturdy. I wonder if it has stereo speakers. Let's wait for the review.