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joe nodden, 10 Jun 2020Garbage SoC. Garbage LCD.The sd730 is not a garbage soc at this price, it's a good mid-range soc. Sure an oled would've been better, but if the quality of the LCD is good, then it's not a deal breaker. This seems like a good phone for the money, but does it really cost 300€ in the global market?

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2020when is it going for sale ? what are plans for india launch... moreseems coming to India as well, maybe cut some feature or hardware

  • MotoMan

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020Somehow the price of the Zoom is jacked up like crazy on Am... moreThat is correct. I think they're private sellers. I find the prices reasonable for the products fulfilled by Amazon. I almost ordered a Moto One Hyper and then found conflicting info about its battery endurance.That info is missing everywhere. I might well wait for the fusion+.

  • Anonymous

MotoMan, 12 Jun 2020"Three steps forward, 2 Steps backward". Moto shouldn't hav... moreSomehow the price of the Zoom is jacked up like crazy on Amazon.

For The Hyper, the CAD price is actually reflective of its supposed price.

  • MotoMan

"Three steps forward, 2 Steps backward". Moto shouldn't have downgraded that 32MP front camera. An AMOLED screen and OIS module could've been nice. Any info on the launch date and the markets it will be introduced? 300 EUR is a fair price for this model based on the Moto1Hyper platform. I find the prices ridiculous in Amazon. The Motorola zoom that sells for 350 USD in US is about 850 CAD in Canada.

  • Anonymous

when is it going for sale ? what are plans for india launch ? neither hyper nor zoom is launched in india.

  • 7hs

Average specs but props to Motorola for no cutouts

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020I don't get it, such a nice Phone and No Compass?!?Yes, in the name of upgrade and new release, manufacturers are removing many things like EIS, compass etc. Even the costly Vivo V19(Advertised as best Camera Phone) does not have a gyro-EIS which phones like Nokia 6.1plus, Mi A3 and Realme 5s came with.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2020It doesn't have NFC ?It probably will

  • Anonymous

It doesn't have NFC ?

  • Zydip

Lazylord, 09 Jun 2020Why motorola did not sell their phone in indonesia?Motorola-Lenovo are too afraid to compete with RealMe, Oppo, Redmi, Vivo, or even Infinix in Indonesia (plus South East Asia)... Motorola should duplicate what they're doing in India (plus Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) and Brazil (plus the rest of South America). They are doing well in those markets. They should do the same in South East Asia with a decisive range of portfolio...

  • Q, 09 Jun 2020the good story on motorola is that the google experience si... moreYou can 'add' Google Camera to the most Xiaomi phones, because they use SoCs frim same company (like this Motorola), Qualcomm, at least, 90% of cheaper Xiaomi/Redmi phones had/have Qualcomm Snapdragon, so nothing new there. Even similar to this one (just with better, OLED screen), Xiaomi had, like full year ago, in a shape of Xiaomi Mi9T (even the SoC is similar, or same), with starting price about 300eur (now is more to 200).. Just saying, there must be a reason, why Xiaomi is (now) 2-th world wide OEM (behind Samsung), and Motorola (powered by Lenovo), is not, today, even in top 10..
I also like Moto launcher, it's simple, looks like stock Android, just with more options build in, but, that is.

Garbage SoC. Garbage LCD.

  • Anonymous

vs88, 09 Jun 2020it is not androidone? pass.'Androidone', soon, will be history, Google says.

  • Lazylord

Why motorola did not sell their phone in indonesia?

  • Mukhtar

*motorists front camera is 16mp instead 48mp
*sound is loudspeaker instead stereo sound
*both back and front camera are neither Zeiss no leiccer optical in future

Oblix, 08 Jun 2020Can it compete with the Note 9S in the price range? If it i... moreI have a 9s. I would have paid 50% more for a pop-up camera. The notch in the middle is a nightmare, it attracts the eye even on black background, it's worse than a classical notch, it eats deeper into the screen and creates more contrast that catches your sight.

Unmoto, 09 Jun 2020realme gives this type of specification in $150.Ok, mention 1 realme phone with the sd730 at 150$.

  • Pete001


  • Pete001

in motorola discovered sd7xx. finally.