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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2020I bought this phone for the Macro lens. Overall its is decent ph... morewhen will release Android 10 for it ????
2 months ago moto one power recieved android 10. but still nothing for New One Macro

the battery also drain fast when i use 4G. also my Notificstion Led doesn't work.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone for the Macro lens. Overall its is decent phone for a daily user.
It is stylish and good camera for the price. The Battery is awesome and functionality is pretty good. I didn't experience any heating our voice spill. Overall a good phone to have in hand. Flipkart delivered in 2 days

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2020no compass at all, be sure Fingerprint reader, Proximity, Acc... morecheck here in motorola original website, they are talk about heat & warm problem­html?t=CGFP1702104318

& this mean heat, warm problem its not about his software or hardware of motorola neither

  • Anonymous

Milko Georgiev, 03 Feb 2020it has no compass !!!!!no compass at all, be sure

Fingerprint reader, Proximity, Accelerometer, Ambient light, Gyroscope

it has notification led, but moto doesn't activate it yet !!!
it has heatting problem
face unlock also have problem. not work
fingerprint sensor also not good

it has no compass !!!!!

  • Anonymous

in last update lenovo brings for macro ( 5 november )
face unlock completely remove from setting ! before that was in setting, but not works at all !!

still you can feel the heating in behind...for example using youtube for a short while
its not good :((

my Note 5 Ai...with Sd636...doesn't have heating at all, even with using it for 5hours constantly

for now with these situations don't buy it

  • Anonymous

using HDR option in camera will make fantastic noisy photo...alot of noise

the heat problem a bit annoying...unless u must use thicky nillkin for back cover

i have sd665 NOTE 8, no heat at all, all 24h

but after 30, 40 minutes of working with an app, heating will show yourself on ONE MACRO

  • Anonymous

i have the phone running android 9

HAVE HEADPHONES...none of xiaomi phones have headphone out of box

phone it too simple, just bcuz of pure android, no bloatware at all.... also have a little or a little more heatting problem when u work with it & running super simple apps for 30 minutes or more( u can feel it so easy) , or even when u record movie with camera

camera... i think its not good...super noisy when u zoom just a little on photos... better go for 48Mp cam if u want to catch better photos

display it so good...of course its not as good as an ips display with FHD+ screen...but it so good that will satisfied u...u cant see any little tiny pixel even from so close distance( super good wallpaper display in setting to choose)

everywhere said it have NOTIFICATION LED...but even when u plug the device to charge... u cant see any notification led...i think it neccessary to see the phone it become full charged or not...i setting there is no option for it to active or not( my old 8 years galaxy s3 have it in blue :)))

somewhere i read that some phones have notification led in top of display & close to speaker
I HOPE lenovo will UPDATE it to ANDROID 10
improve fingerprint as fast as super low cheap xiaomi phones... u must almost tap on it to open the lock... but in xiaomi phones even with little touch u can open the phone so fast... in xiaomi even with not introducing ur finger to phone u can open the lock & after that u can use pattern or password

fix face unlock problem, after i submit my face for it... the face unlock doesnt work...even with trying other faces from other people!!!!!
fix heaT problem
fix notification led... i hope it will fainally appear & in coming android update we will seen it

­ last word...IF U just wanna hear HELLO MOTO ringtone when ur phone rings & also u want ur phone have M word in behind + SUPER PURE ANDROID.... GO for it
otherwise GO for REDMI NOTE 8 , but if u wanna NFC so GO for NOTE 8T , BUT in note 8T u dont have NOTIFICATION LED( one side notificatiodn led + other side NFC)
MI A3 i dont advise it just bcuz of laggy INDISPLAY FINGERPRINT...but have super good face unlock
I DONT know about MOTO G8 PLUS to choose it or not...but when u want to buy it....check it & be sure to have ACTIVE NFC & of course ACTIVE NOTIFICATION LED...if u care for these two option

  • c'mom

720x1520 c;mon motorola c'mon moto

  • Anonymous

User, 23 Jan 2020Nope..sorry it doesn't have.. specification also wrong ir... morer u confirm this observations about one macro????

There is a certain haziness to the display that we can blame on the low pixel density. It is highly noticeable in text rendering, in photos, and in icons when you hold the phone close.

There’s a noticeable blue cast to the display, too, which can be irksome if you prefer a warmer tone. Displays options allow you to boost saturation, but in my experience I didn’t notice much of a difference.

Brightness levels, too, are less than stellar.

  • Anonymous

User, 23 Jan 2020Nope..sorry it doesn't have.. specification also wrong ir... morehow much keep battery with heavy usage
more than redmi note 8, have you comparr it with another xiaomi phone in battery consumption ?

  • User

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Hello Macro-Users, question: does it have a compass? Thank you ... moreNope..sorry it doesn't have.. specification also wrong ir sensor is also not there...wht the f..

  • Crespo

Thetruthteller, 04 Jan 2020Wow no video stabilisation yet it has 4 cameras sort your priori... moreOne Macro have video stabilization

  • Anonymous

Hello Macro-Users, question: does it have a compass?
Thank you very much!

  • GetOutNubs

JaehyunYi, 25 Dec 2019Doesn’t the One Macro have the always on display or am I thinki... moreNo always on display. But there is a lift to wake feature

  • Anonymous

Beebo, 17 Dec 2019This chipset is more powerful than SD 632, SD 636 and kirin 710.... moreIt's quite good for the price but I disagree about Nokia. Nokia 7 Plus is priced same here as this phone where I live and Nokia has much better camera, display, built quality and charges faster.

Realme 3 is costs a bit less and has identical specs with better camera.

Redmi Note 8 has better camera and display as well.
Though SD665 is not as good as Helio P70. SD 665 isn't optimised for a lot of games.

  • Thetruthteller

Wow no video stabilisation yet it has 4 cameras sort your priorities out Motorola.

  • JaehyunYi

Doesn’t the One Macro have the always on display or am I thinking of the other products?

  • Beebo

This chipset is more powerful than SD 632, SD 636 and kirin 710. Competitive performance with SD 660 and SD 665. If u consider the power of the Chipset and the price it's already a good budget phone. In addition, it has triple cameras. Though, it's not a best camera but still it can capture good quality pictures. Try to compare this phone from NOKIA midrange category. NOKIA's phone with chipset SD 636, less power and way more expensive compare to this especially the SD 660 and SD 665 are more pricy!! Also the OPPO phones, mostly they used MEDIATEK chipset and are also so expensive. MOTOROLA phones are really good budget phones.

  • Assd Niaxee

Sant, 06 Dec 2019Please suggest any Auto Call Record software which can record bo... moreDear you can download the call recorder app in a play store not a voice recorder.