Motorola One Macro

Motorola One Macro

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  • Nitin Yadav

Specs are good enough. I would love to have it under 10k, with Helio P60 processor...

  • Ramandeep Singh

3GB RAM is still so less. But Helio P60 processor is good enough...

  • Anonymous

Amazing phone with cool features and power-efficient MediaTek chipset

  • Pappo

Very disappointed screen resulation slow processor

  • Anonymous

moto one power ( p30 note ) with android one still better this
bcuz p60 its something among sd636 & sd660
also have type c, 5000mah & will get android 10, 6/64...4/64

  • Kle775

I will always choose the Mi9T or the Note 7or8.

Basing on price because i tuink Note7 and this one has similar power.

  • Anonymous

Dessert, 03 Oct 2019I Wonder, Why Motorola can't make a Flagship device with la... morebecause it is owned by Lenovo

One thing you can trust Motorola on is to come up with an UGLY design for even the most simple of designs..

  • Dessert

I Wonder, Why Motorola can't make a Flagship device with latest Chipsets and higher RAM's ?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Would easily pay 150 euro for it, tough I expect it to be 200-250... :s

  • Anonymous

sport it with type c...5000mah like moto one power & of course under 135$
then i think about it

otherwise release in brazil, people there like moto name nothing else

  • dishonored

give it 110 max max euro and u good