Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE XT897

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE XT897

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  • Garreth

The best thing about this handset is the unlockable bootloader.. Gotta love it, right??­news-f498/motorola-photon-q-4g-lte-gets-an-unloc­kable-bootloader-t5737.html

  • Professor

Im noticing that there is LESS MEMORY than the original Photon 4G :( why the hell would there be less???

  • MrInterista

WoooooW , I think this is my next phone .
but is this word phone , or it will exclusive for sprint ????

  • 100 Moto

Athanat, 31 Jul 2012Why don't you make such a phone with TV-tuner for all markets? ... moreDid you know different countries run different TV systesm / frequency? A phone with TV tuner which works in China would not work in US, Japan, or even Hong Kong.

  • Jos S

Great replacement for my Motorola Milestone 1 > HTC Desire Z > Motorola Photon Q

(when it comes to europe)

  • Marco

AnonD-65268, 02 Aug 2012I think screen is too thick. It should be thinner and will be ea... moreEhrm. . . What? :S

No doubt this is the best QWERTY Android out there. And the Droid 4 previously.

  • Anonymous

hey google make some good devices what the hell are u doin

  • AnonD-65268

I think screen is too thick. It should be thinner and will be easier to press keys in the top row, and user will think they own a touch phone with wide screen and big keybard rather than a normal querty phone

  • AnonD-1846

Razr HD appeared as the international version­tured-in-the-wild-appears-to-be-an-international­-variant/

  • AnonD-1846

It's clear that Motorola want to make phones that can be cheaper than the other android smartphones but give almost the same performance than the others.

qHD with Colorboost is better than just qHD for example. Atrix HD have a HD screen with Colorboost which is better than any smartphones in the market. Even the GS3 can't be compare to the Atrix HD Colorboost display.

8GB internal memory it's enough but 16GB is better still 8GB make the device cheaper expecially when you can extend the memory up to 32GB.

  • Athanat

Why don't you make such a phone with TV-tuner for all markets?

I don't have TV and don't want to have it but sometimes I need it and smartphone with TV-tuner would be the best solution.

And of course Motorola-style design, qwerty keyboard and one thing is also needed - hardware keys for dial and some other phone actions like Nokia has.

  • Cornholio

100 Moto , 29 Jul 20128GB internal storage is a lot for a phone which supports externa... moreyes...i have 32GB card, but is incredibly that Droid 3 has 16GB, Droid 4 16GB and newest motorola has only 8GB :(

  • dor

I need the 3300 mAh battery version.
I need the kevlar protection.
Then I will buy it!

  • Joshua...

Please Motorola bring this phone to Europe (the Netherlands) !!!

  • Gabo

ali, 28 Jul 2012NO Radio why? all motorola no Radio Motorola Atrix 2 has FM Radio

  • middknightblack

i was wondering when the hell is someone going to make a 4.3inch Q phone and moto dam you moto you did it!!! lol

  • Zeake

Bahahaha! This Moto is fking trolling us! Has to be... Has to be!

  • madk

must have radio and replaceble battery.but i think now motorola battery s can stay up to 2 or 1 1/2 days.thats good for best performence

  • Chitrasen Gupta

Will it release in India?
If no, please provide such an handset in indian markts too...

  • 100 Moto

Cornholio, 28 Jul 2012....sounds good. Maybe great sucessor for my Droid 3, BUT... on... more8GB internal storage is a lot for a phone which supports external memory. If you need more memory, a 16G micro SD card now costs less than US$9, or else how many apps have you downloaded in your previous Android phone which takes up 8GB?

Motor has been quite generous about internal storage already. Some other brands only offer less than 1GB.