Motorola RAZR2 V9

Motorola RAZR2 V9

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  • keroll78
  • 25K
  • 19 Feb 2013

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2013i want ro buy razr2 v9 i got 1 v9,but need a major repair..tq

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    • Anonymous
    • vLQ
    • 21 Jan 2013

    i want ro buy razr2 v9

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      • Thacker
      • d@1
      • 12 Jan 2013

      AnonD-81512, 25 Nov 2012I want to buy a Motorola RAZR2 V9!!Do You have an agent of your company (Motorola)in Iraq, please ?

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        • AnonD-81512
        • v@H
        • 25 Nov 2012

        I want to buy a Motorola RAZR2 V9!!

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          • drK
          • t4j
          • 11 Jul 2012

          AnonD-48405, 29 Mar 2012Hi guys, It's good to come back after such a long time, ... morewhat is a good prize for a working condition - i.e. with scratches on back V9? asking you as you are a Moto lover..
          and i also think i buy a MOTO V9 as i have always admired the phone .
          as now they are off the market there is now way but to buy a 2nd hand.
          wht is a good prize for it?
          3k or 5k what?

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            • nisa
            • PWD
            • 12 May 2012

            no netwok found any sim.only searching

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              • taniama
              • sXx
              • 06 May 2012

              I sold my r-2-v9 and regretted it.
              I have just bought a new one.
              the best phone simple to use and very
              stylish.If you need a phone to do the
              basics then it has to be the razr2 v9.

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                • AnonD-48405
                • IWa
                • 29 Mar 2012

                Hi guys,

                It's good to come back after such a long time, I have a V9 Ferrari Limited Edition in my collection and has been contributing in this forum occasionally on and off. V9 is still one of my favorite "phone", I mean a basic communication tool in which, incoming and outgoing call quality are of utmost importance. I also own a smartphone HTC HD2 now but my calls are all made from my current Motorola E8 which has much longer talk time leaving the HD2 as my backup and organizational tool.
                Today, I only collect the old Motorolas, I have this V9 Ferrari Limited Edition (weekend use), 2 ROKR E8s (1 new as back up and the other in use everyday), 1 U9, 1 V3i, and proudly announcing that I have just purchased a V8 (mint condition in original box) recently waiting for it to arrive. When I use the V9 Ferrari, it reminded me of the V8 even though both have different OS. CrystalTalk feature from my experience is best on V8 and V9 as compared to E8 and U9 maybe due to the its size, Reception too is better on V8 and V9. I'm not so sure whether the current Motorolas have the same CrystalTalk quality as I suspected the manufacturing quality control is no longer controlled by Moto themselves - hope I'm wrong on this. To me, CrystalTalk feature is still THE FEATURE that should be built in all mobile phones. For those who are not aware of it, CrystalTalk was patented and only produced by Motorola on reducing background noise while automatically increasing speech volume so that the other end can still hears you loud and clear enough in noisy environment. This is one technology I got hooked on until today and I don't see any phone manufacturers making headway on it except on bluetooth headset manufacturer like Jawbone. I'm on Motorola CommandOne now with CrystalTalk technology and its really good too.
                The reason I use my E8 instead of my V9 was basically the shorter talk time of the V9 as compared to my E8 which is a lot better but now that I've just purchased another V8, I'll be looking for the BX81 or 80 battery with an extended battery door cover for much longer talk time hopefully doubling or more talk time from it. With it, I'll be selling off one of my E8 and will be looking to add an ugly but tough phone collection - the Tundra Va76r.
                Since its launch in 2007, V8 and V9 are still sought after by certain phone enthusiasts who are looking for an "ultimate basic phone" while ROKR E8's 2008 launch, it still looks "futuristic" and different, even until today I got guys asking me out of curiosity what kind of phone that I'm carrying that's different - looks totally black without the keypads but with a big "C" (the fastscroll wheel) design on it.
                Let's hope Google can revive the Motorola phone division and continue to refine the CrystalTalk technology, this would make it a better "true" phone when background noise will never irritates the other end during conversation while volume, clarity and strong reception are and should be the ultimate "must have" in all phones that we use in my opinion. Just look at what kind of signal/reception strength they have built-in in some well branded smartphones these days, which cost as much as a notebook, ironic don't you think?

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                  • nisar
                  • gyh
                  • 27 Mar 2012

                  iam using motorola v9, but i need more java application.also some diffrent software .from wher i get

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                    • manx
                    • vm$
                    • 20 Dec 2011

                    Anonymous, 13 Nov 2011Hey can someone tell me where can u buy this phone? I m in ... moregoogle www.pocketronics got dozens, buy online

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                      • muthu
                      • vGu
                      • 13 Dec 2011

                      Anonymous, 13 Nov 2011Hey can someone tell me where can u buy this phone? I m in ... moreorder thru ebay

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                        • totesilva
                        • 9xF
                        • 12 Dec 2011

                        I would like to have a new MOTORAZR V9 or V10 slider, touchscreen & qwerty, like BlackBerry Torch 9800 format.
                        It would be a gorgeous smartphone design.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • ILU
                          • 13 Nov 2011

                          Hey can someone tell me where can u buy this phone? I m in united states.

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                            • HENDZ
                            • Kiv
                            • 28 Sep 2011

                            want some modz for thiz remarkable phone?
                            want it be a great-monster than before?
                            the monster called "blackangel-one"
                            just go here:
                            just flash it to the phone.
                            and meet me there :)

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                              • AnonD-22373
                              • IVM
                              • 16 Sep 2011

                              Ali, 06 Aug 2011Hey there how do i turn off T9 texting permanently ? Thanks when in text screen, option>text setup>primary text>tap english. secondary> none. done.

                                • H
                                • HENDZ
                                • Kiv
                                • 05 Sep 2011

                                You gotta press the Option button, and press Text Setup. There lies many settings bout T9

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                                  • MARIA
                                  • LwI
                                  • 26 Aug 2011

                                  does anyone know if this cell has call monitor?
                                  thanks and regards

                                    • A
                                    • Ali
                                    • UF8
                                    • 06 Aug 2011

                                    Hey there how do i turn off T9 texting permanently ?


                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-16255
                                      • TIE
                                      • 03 Aug 2011

                                      Hi All, anyone have any idea why the network indicator on my razr2 v9 indicates only 2G when I inserted my Singtel 3G sim? Appreciate it & thanks.... cheers!

                                        • r
                                        • razr buff
                                        • TIE
                                        • 03 Aug 2011

                                        Hi All, I have a razr2 V9, question is, when I insert my Singtel 3G sim card, network indicator on the phone shows only 2G, Why? anyone? thanks & appreciate it. cheers!