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  • Cornelius

Stuart, 18 Feb 2011Hi Marko, I got the same issue too although I didn't really c... moreStuart!

1. Does Motorola RAZR2 V9 can copy and paste writing in the message (example, we wrote a message, saved it in draft. Then we open that message that had been saved in draft, copy it, then we choose Create message, paste it)?

2. Does Motorola RAZR2 V9 minimize its browser when browsing internet?

3. You said that Motorola phones were generally more solid built. Did you mean Motorola RAZR2 V9 casing really made in good metal material, better than other brands that have the same price?

4. For standby time, if we reduce its brightness and turn off the 3G signal when isn't used, it will not help?

Thank for your answer!

  • mohamed

It is just a piece of jewel in your hand with every quality you want.

  • Stuart

Marko, 10 Feb 2011I barely get 30 hrs of stand-by time with my V9. Using BX50 bata... moreHi Marko,

I got the same issue too although I didn't really count how many hours of standby, V9 generally doesn't give good standby time. My ROKR E8 has fantastic standby time that's why I use the E8 from Mondays to Fridays. Weekends, I'm on my V9. Standby for V9 is a problem for heavy phone users, on the other hand, its other features are good so this phone is a compromise in between. If you're not a heavy phone user, I fully recommend this phone with its Crystaltalk technology (funny that brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG did not provide this kind of technology until today), although I heard that Sony Ericsson has introduced their Noise Shield but didn't work well as compared to Motorola's Crystaltalk and from my ownership experience with V3 (no Crystaltalk), V8, Z3 (no crystaltalk), U9, Z9 and E8, V9 has the best noise cancellation design among all of them. Do not be misunderstood, those mentioned above with Crystaltalk performed way better than other brands without background noise cancellation technology.
Besides crystaltalk, moto's phone are generally more solidly built than most of the other brands. The reception signal too is generally better than many other makes. So overall, this phone is truly a consistent performer and I have been keeping it as a "collection".
This V9 as a phone, outperformed my HTC HD2 if compared "phone to phone". V9 will definitely lose out to HD2 on other features but we can compare a normal phone to a smartphone. To me the HD2 is a work phone while V9 is a normal communication, audio phone. I carry both to work everyday, Motorola for calls and HD2 for work related recordings.

  • Marko

I barely get 30 hrs of stand-by time with my V9. Using BX50 batatteries.

  • mohamed

I have used many brands. my number one is motorola razr2 v9 maroon is excellent - handy size, 3days battery life, very fast operation, attractive design,very much user friendly, It is just a very cute baby one can get. price-about $400.00 for me no problem.

  • Stuart

Cornelius, 10 Dec 2010Thank you for your answer, Stuart! Wow! Motorola RAZR2 V9 Fer... moreSorry Cornelius, I'm late on my reply again. I've used the V8 before and loved the design, built (solid), reception, clarity and noise cancellation (crystaltalk) except the battery life so I decided to buy the V9 with slightly bigger battery. So happened I found a V9 Ferrari, loved the limited edition category of it, it looks slightly different from the normal V9. The battery is slightly better than V8 too.

Here's my personal answer to your early questions:

1) Synergy OS for Motorola is about the same, maybe the difference is the version. Some people are saying that this OS is not user friendly but for me, it's OK, just like the others. In fact, I've used my wife's Sony, my other HTC HD2, Asus WM, Nokia so to me they all are alright. Some of the other things I like about the V9 Ferrari are keypad feel is really good, the start up is real fast, the OS switch between pages smoothly, elegant design, crystaltalk (background noise cancellation technology) is even better than my Jawbone headset. I could be wrong about this, V8 / V9 could be the 1st phone to introduce haptic feedback (little vibration feedback) when touch on external screen (any of the 3 buttons). I remember after that, others started coming out with this kind of technology, just like most of the smartphones like HTCs, Android phones and even Iphone today.

2) I have not used my V8 or V9's browsing capability as I don't like browsing on a 2" screen, it's just too small for me. I'm not so sure about the differences between both Operas but I used to browse from my HTC HD2 that comes with 4.3" screen with pinch zoom technology and Opera 9.7 version. The Opera 9.7 is good for me, even without flash player, I feel it serves me well. If I want to view flv files, I'll use my Youtube.

3) I don't remember having seen "charge complete" on the external screen but it's definitely on the internal screen. I used to look at the battery icon from the external screen or the green light too to confirm whether the battery is fully charged or not. I've sold my V8 so can't recall this issue here. V8 is running on Linux OS, really good too, liked it very much. Somehow I feel the Linux's graphics are better than V9, the 2MP camera for both are real good too for a 2MP.

4) Maybe V9 Ferrari is different from the normal V9, when the flip is opened up for conversation, the external screen changes to a Ferrari logo all the time until you close the flip, this could be the reason why it consumes more battery. Didn't observe the external wallpaper when closed, sorry.

  • Cornelius

Stuart, 23 Nov 2010Hi Cornelius, Very sorry for my late reply as I've been focus... moreThank you for your answer, Stuart!

Wow! Motorola RAZR2 V9 Ferrari. It's must be very expensive. Do I right? Motorola RAZR2 V9 Ferrari version doesn't come to my country. Both Motorola RAZR2 V8 and Motorola RAZR2 V9 design are very good, but Motorola RAZR2 V9 is very expensive for me.

I would like to ask you again. Hope you would like to answer me again.

1. Synergy OS? Do you mean Motorola RAZR2 V9 system different with Motorola RAZR Maxx V6 and RAZR V3xx system? Don't their system almost the same, not Linux-Java system?

2. Written the specification that Motorola RAZR2 V8 and RAZR2 V9 had pre-loaded Opera 8.5. How different with Opera Mini?

3. If Motorola RAZR2 V8 or Motorola RAZR2 V9 is charged in switch on or switch off condition. When the flip phone is fully charged, will it light itself and appears "charge complete" sentence, both on the flip close or the flip open condition?

4. Because of both Motorola RAZR2 V8 and RAZR2 V9 have colorful big external screen. If we set, for example the internal display with cloud picture wallpaper, the external screen will change to cloud picture wallpaper too?

  • Anonymous

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  • Stuart

Cornelius, 13 Nov 2010Stuart! I would like to ask you. 1. Do Motorola RAZR V3x,... moreHi Cornelius,

Very sorry for my late reply as I've been focusing on work related matters. Sometimes I can be away for a period of time.

About the Opera mini, I'm not sure whether it can be installed into the phones as my experience was based on using these motorola phones as modem by connecting the phone to my notebook. But first you need to install the Motorola Phone Tool software into your PC or notebook, configure it first to your phone model and then you can sync various kinds of data between your phone and the PC. I don't fancy the small screen on phones even with my HTC HD2 that comes with 4.3 inches screen size. Maybe I'm a little fussy on this, still prefer the usual notebook size screen.

My V9 Ferrari has Assassin Creed built in and I've played with it for a while and didn't find it interesting enough, maybe not used to the screen size. What I know, some of the models you mentioned were running on Linux, like V8 for example. I've used V8 before and would say it's smooth and fast, V9's running on Synergy OS and both are fast too except E8's Linux. I truly believe majority of the phones you mentioned are able to run Java games but the question is how to get it installed.

From my experience on the flip phones, V8, V9 ferrari and U9, I feel they are strong enough to be opened with one hand. Just that when you compare both ways of handling the flip phones, logically I feel if you handle them with care, they will definitely last longer. The momentum, inertia and the jerks contributed by the flick of the thumb probably cause slightly or "very slight" pressure on the hinge or even the electronic ribbon in the long run - this is however, my personal opinion.

Hope the above helps, good day to you.

  • michelle

what other phones that is compatible to this phone.. in relation to aking video call?

  • Cornelius

Stuart, 21 Oct 2010I have logged into internet couple of times using V9 but found t... moreStuart!
I would like to ask you.

1. Do Motorola RAZR V3x, RAZR V3xx, RAZR Maxx V6, and RAZR2 V9 can install Opera Mini 5.1 directly from the phone after downloaded from internet like Sony Ericsson phones? How about Motorola RAZR2 V8? Can Motorola RAZR2 V8 install Java games or applications as easy as Sony Ericsson phones?

2. Do their Java MIDP 2.0 ability can run good 240x320 pixel Java games, for example Assassin's Creed, Beowulf, Prince of Persia: Forgotten of Sand?

3. Will their flip easily damaged if we open their flip with one hand and close the flip by push it with one finger quickly?

Thank you before!

  • bindi

I have had the motorola v9 for two years the battery life isn't so good,actually ther whole phone is dodgy,I battle to hear the other person talking not good reception and can't seem to add music unless you have a moto website you can download, from but even that its costly trying to find mp3's and very limited.

  • ja

hey guys, may i ask if how long does the V9's battery last? in minimal use, i only use my phone for texting and calling, and i dont even do those things a lot cause im way to busy bout school, and also, which would be better, a Sony Erics Cedar or the V9? lastly, does the V9 still run on smooth condition after a few months? maybe about 6 months of use? thanks, :))

  • Stuart

*~S~*, 20 Oct 2010Hi everyone, can someone tell if if this phone has good and fast... moreI have logged into internet couple of times using V9 but found that the screen is too small for anything. Instead, I used my V9 as modem connecting via USB to my computer (or bluetooth) and under 3G coverage, the speed is not bad, I could say acceptable for surfing. You need to have the Motorola phone Tool CD (enclosed in the box for new unit purchase)and install it before you can use the V9 as modem. It's also good for music, picture / video transfer and contact / calendar sync too. If connected too long as a modem, the phone feels warmer so practically, I suggest not to use the V9 as modem for too long a duration.

  • *~S~*

Hi everyone, can someone tell if if this phone has good and fast internet connection with opera mini browser? Thanks

  • Stuart

Hi guys,

I've got a V9 Ferrari limited edition. Until today, this phone is still a Real attention grabber, the tactile feedback when you press the keypad is really good. Slim, solidly built, camera's fantastic (yes better than my other E8 eventhough both are 2MP). I would agree with comments here on its battery which is the only weakness. I had to charge it at least twice if full charge or sometimes 3 times (30 minutes charge each) a day unless I use the spare battery I have but this did not discourage me from using this phone. Overall this phone's best for average to low phone user, for high phone users like myself, I would suggest you to get a spare battery, a car charger and even a mobile charger to maintain its battery level. The incoming voice quality is fantastic (the best one for me), better than E8's and there's no doubt for me, it sounded even better than my 2nd phone HTC HD2 which costs a lot more. I have also tested against my Jawbone prime bluetooth on background noise cancelling and the feedback I got was V9 Ferrari is better. (Yes, I couldn't believe it myself too. V9 Ferrari and the normal V9 are basically the same in this compartment). I actually bought it for collection purpose as I've 4 Motorolas, 1 HTC HD2 and 1 Asus P750 smartphones with me in total and the Motorolas are E8 (bar), Z9 (slide), V3 (flip) and this V9 Ferrari. For design, voice quality and reception V9 is the best among all of the above. I even purchased a mobile Motorola charger P790 should I need to charge it on the go, just in case I couldn't find a power outlet or if I'm on the move. This charger holds 2 full charges so it's definitely a good choice, not only for my V9, it can be used for any phones that comes with mini USB and micro USB ports. So no more headaches concerning battery problem on V9.

  • Gideon(mgiddys@yahoo

i would like to have a V9 and my location is kenya how do i get my hands on it and how much does it go for. hope to get a reply soon.

  • Karim

Motorola is simply the best...and v9 is a masterpiece

  • aika

i'm i just want to asked .. what is the recent prices of these phone ... rather how much it cost right now in the philippines ... i hope you can answer it thank .. more power from your product ..

  • ave

here in the philippines, the second hand v9 cost only 2000 pesos ..