Motorola RAZR2 V9x

Motorola RAZR2 V9x

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  • u1F
  • 19 Apr 2010


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    • Mr concerned
    • P%$
    • 09 Apr 2010

    I just replace the battery with a chinese battery and it last 2 days (60 min call 30 min of music and a dozen picture takng)

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      • Prash
      • m4q
      • 26 Feb 2010

      Hey,i had purchased this phone before and i have to say if u r going for looks dis is de fone to buy but there is one big disadvantage that every person who regret is the battery life !!! I KNOW IT ~(i had it ) den i sold it offf coz it wouldnt even last a day and charging ur fone everyday is not goood!!! so i would suggest you guys not to go for this phone ~~~

      hope this info helped you!!

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        • OniPolony
        • nIe
        • 15 Jan 2010

        March 08 I purchased this phone, (A lifetime I now realise in mobile years!) to use purely as a phone, & a really good easy to use camera. A vodaphone shop said this was ideal & it has proved so. For this, & excellent texting visability & good address bk, alarms & calendar, I love it! But I do not go on Internet with it. I can imagine using the internet would drain it. The battery DOES run down in a day or so quickly, anyway, with taking photos but I frequently charge.
        I purchased a 4MB memory to allow me plenty of extra power & all those pics!
        I do some illustration & graphics, so the camera is great for quick referencing, plus superb quality for reading text & really very good for small photo print-outs of postcard size. I seem to not have problems with indoor evening light too, dispite no flash. I use Photoshop to enhance & tweek colours. It is all I take with me on holidays!! Quick & simple! One gripe is that it does not properly sync with my Mac. I also use a narrow little bag on a neck leash to keep it in. This stops the camera lens getting scratched. Now alas I seem to be unable to replace this rapidly aging leather holder, tho I might make one now! No phone like it now either..
        Sad to find things go so soon out of date, & searching around I found this website, so I like to write a tombstone testimonial to dear ol' RAZR2V9X..!

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          • YOU NEED TO CHECK YO
          • jst
          • 10 Jan 2010

          100 Moto, 07 Oct 2009Again, all Moto V8/V9/V9x come with a 2.0in external screen... moremy v9 ferrari last me up to two days only if i used the video calling right thru the day the following day i need to charge it

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            • I NEVER LIKED RAZERS
            • jst
            • 10 Jan 2010

            the phone takes the cake hands down, i love it.

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              • serena
              • jHv
              • 30 Dec 2009

              The razr2 V9 is the best

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                • Anonymous
                • n}m
                • 28 Dec 2009

                0000000000000000000000can you get reports on the razor mobile when sending a text message

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                  • Mr_L
                  • 3xp
                  • 09 Dec 2009

                  Tsarli, 07 Nov 2009So, do you folks think this is the last of a long line of R... moreThere's a V10 out now.... the successor to the V9 series..... its only out in "korea" at the moment

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                    • 4Bd
                    • 28 Nov 2009

                    100 Moto, 07 Oct 2009Again, all Moto V8/V9/V9x come with a 2.0in external screen... moreI don't know if you're aware, but two 2 inch screens isn't even close to 4 inches total, its more like 3.

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                      • Robina
                      • i%5
                      • 20 Nov 2009

                      helo guys i wana ask you where can i find the GPS in my RAZR2 ?

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                        • Tsarli
                        • w0Q
                        • 07 Nov 2009

                        So, do you folks think this is the last of a long line of Razrs? In a touch screen world, is there room for another Razr?

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                          • 100 Moto
                          • Er2
                          • 07 Oct 2009

                          Joe, 07 Sep 2009I have got a v9x for just over one week. So far the biggest... moreAgain, all Moto V8/V9/V9x come with a 2.0in external screen, plus a 2.2in internal screen.

                          If you do the simple math, that means 4.2in screen, and I don't exactly recall any other phone has 4.2in screen at this moment, hence these Moto phones drain power like fuel for SUV.

                          If fuel economy / battery power is your main concern, you should not even consider this phone in the first place (like an SUV).

                          I also use my V8 and V9 (yes, I use both on different networks) quite lightly, and battery may not last for a day as well. My advice is simply keep a USB cable at work, and charge the phone at home at nite. That way you should have continuous power.

                          Will battery be dead soon? By that time chances are you will switch to other devices.

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                            • 100 Moto
                            • Er2
                            • 07 Oct 2009

                            Price Man, 10 Aug 2009its the v9 thats $199 not the v9x..................Saw a copy at Walmart in California last week...US$300 unlocked and no contract.

                            I liked the GPS, but I finally settled for Karma QA1 for qwerty keypad.

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                              • rick
                              • 2T0
                              • 04 Oct 2009

                              i signed up for one of these phones before i realised that it had no flash for night time shots... very dissapointed. once my contract is up , im out of here ..........

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                                • Joe
                                • q}S
                                • 07 Sep 2009

                                I have got a v9x for just over one week. So far the biggest disappointment about this phone is the short battery life, could hardly hold 8 hours on one charge under very light usage (like making at most 20 minutes phone call, taking a few pictures, checking out a few missed calls, etc, and I haven't started using it playing music, video games or connecting internet). I have tried to follow some battery power saving rules only to get more frustrated. The external touch screen buttons also function in a very awkward and illogical order setting. And the unavailability of MPT software ------ I am really beginning to lose my patience and thinking of returning it for a change.

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                                  • Motofan
                                  • q}m
                                  • 30 Aug 2009

                                  philip, 26 May 2009whats the difference between V9X and V9?The differences are, the V9x has A-GPS, faster UI, build quality is better, and you can read your emails, sms, view missed calls, and listen to your music from the external screen. With the V9, you can only listen to music from the external screen. I hope that helps.

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                                    • Price Man
                                    • tAN
                                    • 10 Aug 2009

                                    Jaco, 05 Aug 2009At allphones it is $199 out right...not locked to any networkits the v9 thats $199 not the v9x..................

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                                      • Jaco
                                      • tAx
                                      • 05 Aug 2009

                                      Anonymous, 06 Jul 2009can please any one tell me. how much this phone will cost m... moreAt allphones it is $199 out right...not locked to any network

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                                        • gka3000
                                        • w9L
                                        • 07 Jul 2009

                                        oh wow amazing i remember back in those days the first time i saw a v3 / had come a long way since then very nice , for this new model i hope they had wi fi memory support is great , oh well who would need wi fi anyway .