Motorola Razr 5G finally receives its very own Android 11 update

Vlad, 15 April 2021

Motorola's second reincarnation of the Razr in a foldable form factor, the Razr 5G, is the latest smartphone to receive the update to Android 11, the OS version that Google launched last fall.

It sure took Motorola long enough to roll this one out, but at least it does seem to be widely available - reports have it spotted in Australia, Europe, India, as well as several South American countries.

Motorola Razr 5G finally receives its very own Android 11 update

Even so, the usual caveat about staged rollouts probably applies - it might take a few days (or more) before all units in the wild receive their update notification.

The new build is labeled RPS31.Q1-40-17-12, and it's a 1.8GB download. After installation, you'll also have the February 2021 security patch level (Motorola needs a calendar really bad).



Reader comments

  • JV

my moto razr 2020 still has android 10 on it ... matter of fact it just updated to android 10 today ... not to mention, this is the 3rd razr in almost a month ... it keeps getting hacked and personal info stolen and acounts being taken over and veriz...

  • RB

Worst phone! I bought the first generation i.e. Razr 2019 but it kept breaking down and they replaced it at least three times. I sold it when it was replaced the third time and bought the Razr 2020. It took three months of using it and then the fr...

  • Anonymous

Moto phones are getting late updates... Why??

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