Motorola Razr 5G finally receives its very own Android 11 update

15 April 2021
It took a very long time, but at least it seems to be rolling out widely.

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  • JV

my moto razr 2020 still has android 10 on it ... matter of fact it just updated to android 10 today ... not to mention, this is the 3rd razr in almost a month ... it keeps getting hacked and personal info stolen and acounts being taken over and verizon wireless will do nothing for me about it , hell they wont even admit that there network has been compromised, amd ive been in one of their locations as my accounts are getting attacked ... beware

  • RB

Worst phone! I bought the first generation i.e. Razr 2019 but it kept breaking down and they replaced it at least three times. I sold it when it was replaced the third time and bought the Razr 2020. It took three months of using it and then the front camera stopped working. That translated to the the proximity server not working and the phone not shutting down when you fold it.

It was fun while it worked I guess.

  • Anonymous

Moto phones are getting late updates... Why??

  • Anonymous

Really don´t know al the fuss regarding the OS updates.....

They promissed something and they are delivering it. They never promissed any dates.

Don´t you rather wait and have a stable OS update rather than rushed unstable version?
My Edge is on Android 10 and i don´t care at all.... They will update eventually

  • Ali Mohsin

And now my razr actually worths124000.

  • Gagi990

lewein, 16 Apr 2021and that is the last update ever to receive.I don't know why you're writing something you don't understand. Motorola has promised two years of upgrades for all Razr phones, which means RazrI don't know why you're writing something you don't understand. Motorola has promised a two-year upgrade for all Razr phones, meaning Razr 5G will also get an Android 12, Razr 2019 stay with 11.

and that is the last update ever to receive.

  • Nikk

Motorola is getting out of competition..they really need to back up soon..