Motorola RAZR MAXX

Motorola RAZR MAXX

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  • Anonymous

Pinnacle of design!! Absolutely gr8 powerpacked with huge battery! Simply gr8

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Lol dnt cry

  • Doraemon

Perfect smartphn!! Excellent specs+huge battery.just wowww!! I like the razr series coz of its excellent unparelled design now a GSM razr maxx makes it all :-)

  • Anonymous

im hoping this will release to indonesia. im tired with my iphone4 now, always vharging every day, even sometimes not quite a day battery already dead. stup1d!

  • dr_drab

Dreams come true at last. But why without LTE?? Hope will be allowed with software update :)

  • Anonymous

yes, works in australia!

  • Frankky phone 001

What the battery?

My lap top have the same one ...

3300 power stand by 25 days !

The weight must be over the phone ...

Motorola will take the lead with MAXX model !



  • benny

its a rubish crap phone its horrible mobile...yuck

  • Anonymous

thx moto

ship faster to midle est . with persian language

  • AnonD-49716

Gentlemen - Is Radio there on this phone? As in what does TBD stand for? And is there an ICS upgrade on this phone?

[deleted post]LOL, why?? You're too jealous or what? Motorola made a "miracle" at making this model.

  • Anonymous

my next phone! wellcome in Europa!

  • Anonymous

3G is only 2 bands?

  • 009

LameXcuzes, 06 Apr 2012Please release it in the Philippines!yeah motorola pls release it in the philippines!!!

  • Anonymous

when will it be available in malaysia?

  • farbror Frej

2gederWeRun, 08 Apr 2012Please Release it in the Philippines:) Nice Specs and Batte... moreLets hope for a release in the Philippines - and in Sweden there I live. But on the other hand - its not a physical Qwerty-phone, like the "Nokia Asha 303", for example. So you not dependent on any physical keyboard-language remake. This should make it much easier to get your hands on this baby, one way or the other, even if its not officially imported by the big dragons.

  • 2gederWeRun

Please Release it in the Philippines:) Nice Specs and Battery, cant wait to have this one:) nice one Motorola

  • DelhiDaredevils

What other manufactures need to take from motorola is DESIGN+BATTERY! and what motorola needs to take from others is AGRESSIVE MARKETING!

  • fabian

yes!!!!!I want to buy this phone!!!!!!

  • AnonD-3683

My next phone for sure is MAXXXX...