Motorola Razr to feature two bigger screens

Ro, 14 May 2022

Motorola's upcoming Razr 3 foldable phone has been a subject of leaks in the last couple of months and aside from the new hardware, the handset is supposed to offer an overhauled design as well. The same clam shell form factor is expected, though.

Motorola Razr to feature two bigger screens

According to Ross Young, the device will have a big screen cover - around the 3.0" mark, which is a decent upgrade over the 2.7" screen found on the Razr 5G. Additionally, the primary, foldable display will grow to 6.7" from 6.2" and will be manufactured by China Star.

Unlike its predecessor, the Razr 3 will be running more powerful hardware suitable for a proper flagship phone. At least according to a report from January citing Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and a 120Hz panel.



Reader comments

  • razrEQUALSsh1t

You are going to wish you had let them talk you out of it...come re-read your post after you are on about your 3rd or 4th phone...

  • razrEQUALSsh1t

The RAZR is the worst phone I've ever owned, hands down. Even being very careful, the screen goes to hell in a hand basket within months. And $250 deductible when it dies (rest assured). I'm on my 6th one and finally paid this lump of dogsh...

  • Cris

Holding first new 2nd gen from 2019 , best phone ive ever had!!! Only gets better than here!! Go moto!!

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