Motorola Razr to feature two bigger screens

14 May 2022
The foldable panel will measure 6.7" in diagonal.

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  • 22 May 2022

M fan, 14 May 2022Typing this on my RAZR 4g ... Can't wait to get my han... moreYou are going to wish you had let them talk you out of it...come re-read your post after you are on about your 3rd or 4th phone...

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    • 21 May 2022

    Cris , 18 May 2022Holding first new 2nd gen from 2019 , best phone ive ever ... moreThe RAZR is the worst phone I've ever owned, hands down. Even being very careful, the screen goes to hell in a hand basket within months. And $250 deductible when it dies (rest assured). I'm on my 6th one and finally paid this lump of dogsh1t so I can switch. Each "refurb" they sent me would last anywhere from 30-120 days if lucky. I wouldn't buy another RAZR if I was paid!!!

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      • 18 May 2022

      Holding first new 2nd gen from 2019 , best phone ive ever had!!! Only gets better than here!! Go moto!!

        Johnny, 15 May 2022This is one phone I'm looking forward to in a age wher... moreFor this kind of phone, getting the headphone jack can be tricky as there's not enough space to put it. microSD card is possible with hybrid SIM slot.

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          • 17 May 2022

          Dude that hand is wrinkly. 😃

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            • 17 May 2022

            I have a Motorola RAZR 5g. It's trash. I'm on my third one. They overheat from the battery in the chin and burn the plastic screen which then produces the green line of annoying on the phone. I won't buy another one. Apparently this has happened to alot of there customer that's why T-Mobile was selling them for $400 to get rid of them.

              Anonymous, 15 May 2022I would be more than happy with this chipset or even the 69... moreif you prefer cheaper option, you sure get unisoc and helio g35 😂😂 they suck at basic things

                Anonymous, 15 May 2022Its ironic basically... They've used upper mid range ... more778G+ is out but unbelievably hard to get, probably biger brands already bought it all , my question is, why mot Dimensity? They're proven to be good ones, dimensity lineup is first good lineup in years by MTK, and really Qualcomm needs competition more than ever.

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                  • 15 May 2022

                  Anonymous, 15 May 2022I'm holding it right now. It's no more uncomforta... moreWhat do you mean, your holding it right now, I don't believe thst

                    Anything they do Motorola is king of foldables because it looks better, it preforms better and it have a pure android experience without typical Samsung or Huawei Bloatware.
                    But in this case harmony looks way better than huwei UI used before when they werent restricted from google services.

                      Hope they add same or better camera than Motorola Frontier will have it could be nice.

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                        • Johnny
                        • 39y
                        • 15 May 2022

                        This is one phone I'm looking forward to in a age where all phones look the same. I hope they have flush cameras with the body design and huge battery life. That's all they need, and micro SD card support/headphone jack.

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                          • 15 May 2022

                          Anonymous, 15 May 2022Its ironic basically... They've used upper mid range ... moreI would be more than happy with this chipset or even the 695
                          Couldn't care less, not looking for specs, there are plenty of phones out there for that purpose.

                          I would have preferred interested cheaper...
                          But users demand more and more power bla Bla Bla...and they deliver.. .

                            hope they keep the plastic screen
                            imo plastic inner screen + plastic screen protector is the best for current folding tech
                            since Samsung flexible glass leave mini fracture when you open and close too much, while plastic could get damage easier but with another plastic layer on top it would be cheaper to replace

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                              • 15 May 2022

                              YUKI93, 14 May 2022For this kind of phone, I don't mind having a 6.7"... moreIts ironic basically...
                              They've used upper mid range chipsets when the flagship chipsets were great.
                              But now they're using an oven when there's the 778G+

                              For sure the battery life will be trash on this Razr 3, thanks Qualcomm.

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                                • 15 May 2022

                                blue, 14 May 2022With the gigantic chin it would be too large to use comfort... moreI'm holding it right now. It's no more uncomfortable than a phone it's size unfolded. That said I have small hands and find smaller phones like the Pixel 5 easier to use.

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                                  • 14 May 2022

                                  Typing this on my RAZR 4g ... Can't wait to get my hands on this new model.... The last few s/w updates have turned mine into a new phone.
                                  One of the reason sales are limited still though in my opinion is that stores don't push it as an option. When I purchased mine, it was special order and the staff tried to talk me out of it several times. Note, I changed from iPhone to RAZR, so it was a major change....

                                    I always felt the Fold series never made any sense for my usage. It's two large slabs on top of each other when closed and they're heavy. Many classic video games and TV shows are 4:3. Flex mode on a Fold 3 is candy bar narrow. Folding vertically makes more sense. Aren't people tired of all these large phones they have to put in their pockets?

                                    The only knock on clamshells is similar to smaller phones like the iPhone 13 mini. Can't really pack a large battery. I still love this form factor. Razr is supposed to be about nostalgia and rebooting a classic design. The Razr 3 is failing to do this. It's similar to the Nokia 3310 from 2017. Carrying the same name only. Looked nothing like the original.

                                    Will just wait on the Razr 4 but I doubt they'll ever return to the classic design. Perhaps Razr 3 could be the final Razr ever since not many people own it. It's even more niche than Surface Duo and LG Wing.

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                                      • 14 May 2022

                                      The Flip, 14 May 2022The leaked design without the chin and looking like a Flip ... moreWith the gigantic chin it would be too large to use comfortably. Even the original Razr's chin was a problem. The Razr looks good, but I'd rather remove the chin for a better user comfort.

                                        Moto has launched some good products lately, so I have faith in them to deliver a decent RAZR phone this time around. All they need to do is nail the design & offer a good specsheet.

                                        I wouldn't worry about leaks because not all leaks turn out correct. Let's wait & see what Motorola/Lenovo delivers.