Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • kaleeko

I really enjoy this cell phone and all it's features. I especially love the ability to change the front image on the phone. The number pad is a good size too and the speakerphone is excellent quality.

  • Lynette

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2010Hi, i write here and maybe someone can help me.I got a moto v3 a... moreI think the battery is ok try changing your charger

  • Winnie

This phone is so cool, i had this phone for almost 5 years.... Believe it or not it still working....Best phone i've ever had! Cool!! :)


had this fone for almost 4yrs.. so awesome... but whts the difference between v3 and v3r? cuz mine says v3r.. it also has a video record..

  • RAVI

it's good phone and in use with me for about 4 yrs. but now i need it's full body case as the spring action of flip open display is kaput. pls. help. thax

  • anthony

i have this phone but i dont like the features ... i love my new phone blackberry 8520 curve

  • Aries

Hi, I am Aries. I am currently using a Motorola V3, may I ask you some help here on how to download the software so that I can connect it to my laptop? Any advice here. Thanks.

  • fasih

it is really good mobile but the memory of this mobile is short

  • dman

i am presently using a motorola v3 .all the features are good but there is no micro sd card slot ,if it was present in it would be a great help.

  • sallar

guD mobile but not too strong


mine was pure gold!!!!!!


this is an awesome fone peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos

WeLL its the worst I have ever had
It .F....d up in a few weeks.
And I treat My Mobiles with a lot of care.
I have a Nokia 3650 & A Motorola v1075 And they r still going srtong.
Much better than the Motorola v3 even its features.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 May 2010I had this phone in black and it is still incredible after five ... moreyeah!!! it's really cool!!

  • Anonymous

I had this phone in black and it is still incredible after five years. It has been around the world and I have not had any kind of issues with it. I LOVE this phone.

  • Anonymous

i have u

  • kaldy

I got this phone 2006 but used it for a year only because it was not user-friendly at all. Just recently, I had to use this phone again because my Sony Ericsson wont charge. I realized how bad this phone was. In fact, it can't even receive long text messages. Im getting a new phone today.

  • mona

i want to se pink one

  • gambles

i love the v3, ove had one 5 years almost and its great! its gold (: x

  • Anonymous

Hi, i write here and maybe someone can help me.I got a moto v3 and suddenly i can t charge the battery.It says unable to charge.The battery is an original motorola battery and i just buy it.