Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • MX Webman

I think you are wrong, Demencia. The display IS really TFT and it ISN'T 256K, but 65K.

  • Demencia

First of all:
The phone may be slim but its extremly wide for sure!
So if the internal display is 265k - why the external is only 4096 not 65k?
The phone looks really great but the metal things makes it heavy!!! For a slim phone with this dimentions - 93g is wayyyy to much!
Why the hell the battery is only 750mAh? Even C650 got more!
Again the display is not TFT....

this is what i dont like in this phone! Everithing else is great!!!!

  • chi

will there be a better version of this fone out l8r? with video n slot for xtra mem?

  • okeowo adekunle

well.i always cherish motorola set and i pray that it should one of the set that i will like to buy whenever i want to buy set b'cos i like it too much.

  • mightybop

I can't buy this phone, I can't buy this phone, I can't buy this phone.... well... forget it, I must have it! I was going to buy the new nokia 6260 (got style, symbian and everything you want from a phone) but now... I don't know... this one is just... uau... this is THE PHONE!

  • insider

The V3 is scheduled for release in later September. Look for a cost between 700 and 800 USD.

  • Julio Toscano de Bri

seems to me be perfect mobile phone over
made.i like to know where can i buy one.
julio toscano

  • Fonescollector

It's been along time..!!hope Moto does it right this time..!!first Aluminium handset..??do something Moto..!!there're alot of catching up to do..!!

  • Anonymous

this is just the first in a line of this kind of "v" series phones that motorola will release in the coming months. the others thatwill follow will have a mega pix cam, expansion slot for memory and more tones in the ringer. i can't wait1

  • Sam

When this phone will start shipping in US or UK.

  • Jin

How can you said you used this phone yesterday when it's not even coming out yet????

  • RoboKid

I used this phone yesterday. Man! I love it! It's may be long but not heavy! It also has fast Bluetooth and according to my friends "very stylish!"

  • Jimbo-Jones

Does anyone know when this will be released in UK (definate dates for O2), i am either thinking of this or a nokia 6630. Letme know what u guys think!

  • Eske

Thanks to "unknown" for info. :-)

  • shyguy

-no expansion slot
-no mega pixel camera
-no 64 tones polyphonic like v1000
but what the HELL, I WANT IT !!!

  • Anonymous

It has vibration, bluetooth and e-mail support...

  • Eske

Its a nice slim phone!! A litle long and 'heavy' though.
What about a crucial thing as vibration?
Email-support would have been nice, FM-radio & bluetooth would as well.
I don't care about MP3/MP4/polyphonic noise / camera / games & blah-blah.
I would dream of a blend of MPx,V3 and V1000...

  • nv

it has 262k screen not 65k with 3d grphics and it is the best today even better than samsung D410.

  • V3

..the thinner the better..ths phone shld have been equipped wth external memory slot....whats the use of mp3 feature then if u only have 5mb of storage!..

  • Aethelred

I am baited. I shall eagerly await the arrival of this sleek, utility-laden phone: 4-band, speakerphone, bluetooth.... Only thing -or the only one I care about for now- missing is iTunes mobile.. but that's unfair, as that was only just announced. Is a red-dot award far away? Well, Nokia ought to have some very competitive handsets. I expect it, being that they must have redoubled their effort after seeing their world marketshare wane, if slightly. Should be exciting.