Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • isaac

does v3 freeze often when the memory is full? does it offer a lot of games?


  • steve

a friend of mine bought it and i was astonished by it good looks.. but all this problems u mention before it put me on second thoughts..

  • Mark

Personally I think the V3 is a totally waste of crap. I have only had this one for a couple of months and so far I have sent it back 3 times to get fixed. The problem being that it just shuts it's self off and I have not realised this until I go to use and find that it has shut off and I have to power it back up again. Now this is not because the battery is flat, this still happens when I have just charged it. Does not happen all the time but the last time I only had it back for half an hour when it did it again. I know 5 people who have this phone and every single one of them have the same problem with it shutting down without warning. I got used to the using the features but I need a phone that will stay on so I can receive calls. I am now going through my mobile service provider to get a completely different phone. Will never touch this one again.

  • Anonymous

I had trouble connecting to the internet and i took the usb cable back to the shop and swaped it for another 1 and now it works fine, no a lot of other people had the same problem.

  • Anonymous

The lead it came with 2 connect 2 the computer doesnt even work! How do u get mp3 on2 it 2??

  • DB

Its a very classy and good looking phone. But not that great on features, camera could have been better. Definately suffers because of lack of memory card slot. Excellent screen. Basically if you want to grab attention and want a slim n sexy phone n dont care about features then get this !

  • Victoria

I love this phone! It is absolutely the best phone ever! It brings a lot of attention, too!

  • Alecia

i just got this phone for christmas and i think it is very classy, has alot of features and is fun to use. however, i have one question, how do i acess the mp3? i havent a clue and still cant figure it out. can i actually download and play music+ videos?

  • Sola

Coming from a background of nokias, I consider the stunningly attractive razr v3 somehow functionally deficient. In terms of design, it is a masterpiece, but functionally it is a big let down. Compared to my old nokia 6230 and more sophisticated 6630, both of which are cheaper, the v3 is technically way too dull and unresponsive. Still, the v3 has a lot going for it. The gorgeous black version I bought a month ago is built to a high degree of precision. It is so beautiful my wife and friends can't keep their hands off it. So far it has worked like a breeze, giving the best reception/clarity of any phone I've used lately. Even with the flap closed, the handsfree is impressively loud; I use it regularly and still get 3-4 days of battery life between charges. Looks may not be everything, but in my estimation, the razr v3 has earned its keep in my collection

  • Cheyenne

This fone is brill but i do hav 1 question. i am on virgin mobile nd i need 2 no how 2 check my credit can ne 1 help me??? apart from that it is reli gd nd i reccomend it 2 ne1!!!!!

  • Cheyenne

HI i jus got this fone 4 xmas nd i think it is reli kl!!!i luv it if ur wonderin 2 get 1 u def shud their worth the money gd 1 motorola

  • Rob

Why is everyone complaining about the memory of cell phones? They are designed to play SMALL MP3s or AACs as ringtones, 10 seconds or 30 seconds long ones. Cell phones are not MP3 players. God...

  • dave

the phone has a sleek appearance and works about average compared to my old samsung. the loudest volume setting can still be hard to hear sometimes in comparison with other phones too. the razr v3 also scratches and scrapes very easily. very delicate phone

  • pebb

I have had the v3 for 2 months - its a fantastic piece of technology that is well-worth its cost. I keep mine in my back pocket all day, and even sitting on it through 3-hour lectures doesn't faze me or my phone. A lack of some minor details, such as memory and list-length options,definitely don't make it worth passing up.... this is the best mobile I've ever owned!! Thx Moto!

  • colin smith

a great phone its cute sexy and very slim not difficult too carry around slips perfect into pockets. i wasnt a fan of motorola phones before / but well done motorola you have got this one bang on

  • K JAM

iwas gonna buy this phone but all the stuff thats posted made me rethink it!!!
i was gonna sell ma e398 n buy it !!! what do u think ?!? im gonna buy it for $258 is it worht it?!!?

  • mamman

I love the looks, i will get one sooon!

  • Emmy

I liked it up until sunday when it started to malfuntion. First I noticed the on/off power button was getting difficult to use, then the arrow keys stopped working and then the number 9 or (wxyz) key stopped working on me then finally the screen went totally blank. I would have just taken it to where i bought it and exchanged it but I am overseas and nobody in the phone shops seems to understand what the problem is. So im here for a month stranded and without the use of my phone! Extrememly frustrated

  • Cheyenne

i am thinking of gettin this phone can ne 1 giv their opinions coz i am not sure

  • Hrvoje

it's a great phone, best looks and best reception of all phones. slightly mix software but when you get use to it it's no problem. the best looking phone ever.