Motorola Razr's hinge lasts just 27,000 folds in durability test

Ivan, 07 February 2020

As the Motorola Razr is starting to roll off the shelves and into eager early buyer's hands a question begins forming - is the hinge durable? As with all foldables durability is suspect and, like with early Galaxy Fold's, the Motorola Razr is not without fault.

CNET set up the Motorola Razr on a FoldBot machine, made by SquareTrade, with the intention of livestreaming the Razr being folded 100,000 times. It only got to 27,000.

If we take one study's estimate that Americans check their phone 52 times a day then the Motorola Razr could begin showing hinge issues a year and a half into its use.

In CNET's test the Motorola Razr's hinge became hard to close but it's important to note that the screen continues work and it is possible to force the display closed.

You may recall CNET doing this exact same test with the Galaxy Fold last year. It lasted 120,000 folds before breaking. Although still not a great result, it does promise far better longevity.

Of course this test is not exactly representative of real life usage so only time will tell how the Motorola Razr fares.



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Ans still the only truly stylish phones come from Apple

Wow, now im hurt. Lol. No really. I dont care about motorola flip or flop...was just expressing something you wont understand

  • Anonymous

You dont know how influential the OG Razr is so shut up cause you dont have the chance to use the original one and you cant afford this one either, just stick to your copycat XIAOMI.