Motorola ROKR E2

Motorola ROKR E2

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  • shiraz khan

wow stunning features specially 15 fps video recording , but please tell that what will be the format of recorded video.but seriously i dont like the look of this fone, its look like the new model of old c11. come on moto desing it like w550.

  • usman

Look fantastic, Well the shape look likes of C200 a monochrome phone. I think motorola is going to there tusted platform like E680i. But much smaller in size so a good option to look at

  • Baxter

Bluetooth V1.1 only???Camera 1.3mp only???Doesnt rvrn have UTMS???Wake up ur ideas motorola not even a match 2 the W800i not 2 mention the W900 Motorola obviously hasnt woken up


hey,motorola has always been d best in mobile manufacturing.they've been the underdog,always..that's coz people want NOKIA fones all d time.even i've got a nokia..BUT that's coz my father got a 6630 4 cheap.if i earn a good salary,i'll surely buy a V3i and a ROKR E2.that's damn sure!!!i used a motorola c350 was good.a lil slow..but OK. anyway,does any1 kno d approx cost of ROKR e2??damn,music WILL sound better with YOU(ROKR E2)..ciao.

  • pedro

i'm so f... angry!! i bought siemens cx75 yesterday n now this!! =/

this new rokr is awesome!!! i want one!!

but probably it will take some time to get here in brazil... maybe i can get one... i hope! =/

  • Ivan

Okay,I think I can see myself getting into this one...might actually take my mind off the SE W800 for a while,until I remmber the Camera is not 2Mega Pixels

  • bb

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  • jackass

what is linux?? it says the operation system is linux

  • jesler

i think it´s a nice phone but i see that it have no umts that´s a problem to me

  • ROKRrrr

I think this is it. 2 MP camera would be nice but really optional. And I think it looks better than 3250, less boxy, more round. Better display, more memory, hopefully faster than Symbian. BTW, iTAP is Motorola's version of T9.

  • jo

motorola still have not woke up, no 2mpx YET, neither edge, well at least the screen is good. but really the nokia 3250 looks better

  • Ukmixkidd

well well well all i can say is this guy has an expansion cd card slot up to 2g.. i think moto jus woke up!!!

  • ronald

Finally SD up to 2GB!

anyway what is iTAP? is that iTunes type of aoftware?