Motorola ROKR E2

Motorola ROKR E2

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  • Joseph

peterjohnson, 12 Oct 2018Do i have any opportunity to buy it today? Yes on ebay

Do i have any opportunity to buy it today?

  • Marcos

Macbeth, 30 May 2018*facepalm*Not so far juix (linux+java) jajaja

hiral, 11 Apr 2018good device for android*facepalm*

  • hiral

good device for android

  • Raúl

I brought mines in 2008 (used) and still nowadays, 21th January 2016 I still use it as my main cellphone, I like its resistance, I can watch movies and listen music with it, and even access to Internet using Opera mini. Recently Im using it to play a Gameboy color game. From time to time I read pdf files with it too.
Another thing I like its is size, its small, but not that much. Fits perfetly in my pockets, something that modern cellphones can´t do.

  • AnonD-392738

The worst cellphone i ever had.... Since i had at least each 5 different models of nokias and sony ericsson...couple htc and samsung galaxy and huawei

  • jah live children ye

I ordered Moto Rokr E2 in Germany half year ago. It appeared to be the original one, manufactured by Motorola in 2006. I've done firmware upgrade from, and everything works fine. Although I don't use phone much, owning it makes me feel happier. Very satisfied.
Authentic rock&roll design from vacuum tube era of mobile phones. Excellent sound from 3.5mm output, goes well with Sennheiser Momentum.

  • Yans Rokr E1-2

Motorola is the best, Rokr E1 and E2, the top handphone, i like it

  • AnonD-173948

A very solid mobile, very easy to modify with firmware upgrades, for overcloking, support for 8 Gb (up to 32 Gb) SD cards and more sound options. The battery after overcloaking drains entirely in about 8-12 hours. Working just fine after 7 years, without complains.

  • AnonD-38174

capitan Gb, 20 Jul 2011very slowoverclock is available try thet to speed up your ROKR the max overclock of cpu is 624 MHz, yes double standard value on 312 MHz but the effect is drain on battery

  • AnonD-38174

memo476, 21 Oct 2011great phone, had it for 2 years, its was powerful at its ti... moretry to flash with newest firmware like a Dark shadow or Dark Lizu feel the new apps home nice to use try it dude !

  • memo476

great phone, had it for 2 years, its was powerful at its time (good procesor), it was slow on reponse though,

  • polo

i have one!

  • capitan Gb

very slow

  • AnonD-2725

Had 2 of these phones. My daughter has my second one and even though it is 4 years old it still works perfectly. It was a cool phone in it's time.

  • Anonymous

best phone ever

  • Naruto

Haha! Nice phone :)

  • Anonymous

Exelent phone

  • metwally

anara, 19 Dec 2010have u ever tried ur in water it's waterproofwtf
don't even try such a stupid thing
what about the 3.5mm
there isn't any protection to it
but the the phone is a real monster
the signal strengh is uncomparable