Motorola SLVR L7

Motorola SLVR L7

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  • sea

how to connect to internet pls?

  • Buckley

Be warned anyone buying this phone, you'l need to go out and BUY the software so you can link up with your PC..Outrageous, other than that It's a horrible phone with a useless and outdated UI..Nightmare to text with too..My advice, don't buy!! You've been warned..

  • tharun

where can i download the free wallpapers and ring tones ????

  • Warhorse

I am a True Diehard Motorola User... The L7 is possibly the best phone I have used
For everyone with Memory Issues... I run a MicroSD 2GB card just fine.. For those that have Cards that won't read, you have a Bad card.
For people wanting to know how to transfer from PC to Phone... Try Motorola Tools from Motorola, I have it, I love it.

  • feisal

just bought this phone 2 days ago! love it soooooooo's good value for money for what you're getting...i love the slivery...

  • Anonymous

how can you connect it to the internet???
pls reply

  • *

A good phone indeed. your files and important messeges were very well secure because of its lock application feature. you cant simply browse/read any of when this feature is activated on your phone. so for those who gives "*^%^& about this phone, please try to read your manuals and understand on how to use it, not complaining on this post.

  • sss

hi i want to know is there any option to store messages in memory card

  • johnnie45

im thinking to buy it. i wanna know if it is possible to hear the mp3 music via headphones.?

  • Piero

I bought my slvr 2 weeks ago and i'm in love with it, also i downloaded a lot of games into the memory card, i putted them on the kjava directory in order to install. i'm really happy and want to know more opinions about itunes in this phone and also memory cards

  • aqim

i just bought a 1G memory card for my SL7 , but it can't read only give command to format the memory card, but when i push ok, it said cannot be done.. Y?? b4 i used 128MB just fine.. help pls..

  • jon

p2k commander will allow you to get mp3s on phone. get if from

  • Kristin

I got fone a week ago and it is the fone i have ever had. To think i was going to buy a Walkman

  • Anonymous

you can use mp3 as ringtones, all you have to do is save those mp3's to the phones built in memory

  • Epol

1gig of Twinmoss micro SD also works with my L7

  • Buckley

Have to say i was really disappointed with this phone..The interface is not very friendly or attractive..You also need to purchase special software to connect to home PC..Can't set mp3's as ringtones..So I've given up on it and I'm gonna give SonyEricsson a shot..

  • Anwar

I just Buy This Phone, It look's nice.
But I had a Problem.. Iam unable to send files to it's Memory card from my System..
I try with Card reader. it cannot..
Will you help me in this matter..Pls.. My email.. id.

Thankz.. Have a Nice Day

  • Anonymous

go to to download stuff 4 yer moto

  • quincyb11

Hi there! I was wondering if there is any other alternatives to upload themes/skins to my SLVR L7 rather than using the internet on my phone?? Perhaps i can download the theme/skin to my pc first then upload it to my phone?? If anybody knows any solutions to this, pls email me back or post your solutions. Thanks guys!!

  • Donald Eduvie Whyte

I think it's the best and I really like the way it works and function especially whenever I am playing the MP3 and host of others...