Motorola SLVR L7

Motorola SLVR L7

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  • darian

this phone is..yeah i should say thumps up, however if it was 3g capability this device would make plantinum. the bluethooth is marvellous,well, da mn what about the infared. any way i would give it a 8 out of 10. internal memory should be more.any way having a card with 1 gig..well thats enough. thank you all. i would reccomend any one to buy this phone!

  • Anonymous

I just bought the phone 2 days ago, I love it! It talks good pictures and ok video (for a phone) the music player is great! The only thing that I do not like is the phone book, you cannot search (at least I can't figure it out) you have to go through every number. I got a great deal on the L7 only 99 dollars.

  • Minks

the phone is pretty good to use and the mp3 player additonal benefit is extendable memory so good value for money in total.

  • Geetz

just wanted to ask if you are supposed to get the pc software when you purchase the phone...because i did not get any...i bought the phone from carphone warehouse....if i was supposed to get it then im going to kick some i seen to have interferrence when im on a call..all the gonna send it back cuz it has a 1 year warrenty...anyways if anybody can help me that would be great

  • Kiran kumar A


I like L7. There are few bad features though which I need the most!

The battery is not that powerful. It gets drained quickly (atleast for me). I am not a guy who speaks 24 hours a day.

The phonebook is damn slow. It doesnt allow me search through numbers. It doesnt allow me search through last names or middle names.

The mobile supports only 65-75 messages. This includes Inbox and outbox. Being a lead, it makes me difficult to have so little message list.

The mobile has distribution list. But the distribution list cannot be made use if a message is to be forwarded.

The weight, the looks, the price all looks ok. Moto has to concentrate lot in bringing up the software. I pity the state of the mobile!

I forgot to mention. It has an extensive support to Java games. Few java games refused to install in my Nokia phone got installed and they are handled well by the OS of the mobile. Kudos to that case.

The mobile switches itself on an off if I send too many SMSs (through distribution list) To all the fans of the mobile, I am sorry to say that, I liked the mobile by its looks. Then I came to know "All that glitters is not gold"

  • Simon

I've just bought this phone on O2 in the UK. I think it's great! The MP3 player is fantastic - it has great bass! Camera is great, video is super, Bluetooth connectivity with computer is good, although a bit slower than other handsets.

The only thing that I'm worried about is scratching the phone :S

10/10 Well done Moto.

  • Nichole

I have never had a cool phone. My Husband has no time to tell me how to do this crap .. So I am on my own with this one...
First can I download pictures off my computer onto my phone? and take the pics off the phone that I take and put them on my computer? Also.. Can I turn MP3's into ring tone's.. Are there any other cool things I can do? Cause I have like 100 songs on my phone yippee I figured that out and I did read the manual but there has to be more..
Any help would be appreciated.

Lastly to all you haters on here that are dogging the Phone Get a freiking life!!! And go get a new Phone! You are probably like my husband who carries around the newest Phone the newest Blackberry Blah blha blah Sept he has to!!

  • jimmy

yes u can buy a scandisk memory card it hold about 100 song mp3 and u have to instal itune to put some to da phone another way to add song is by dragin it to da media soung file and after go to ur phone and switch storage drive and there u have two option to choose from and u dont need to format plus da phone come with da itune cd so go on and enjoy

  • Anonymous

to get SLVR L7 wallpapers and tips

  • shoukat wasim khan

Hello i am wasim from pakistan i need a software for Moto SLVR L7 mobile. i want to make unlimitted movie so this phone makes only clips plz help me if anyone have this software or know about this software plz tell me this is my email address


go to to download rsd lite v2.5 and other mobile downloads!

  • ali

all i wanna know is how much is the message capacity of the phone.....can any1 plz let me know.

  • sid

Hi Guys,
pls let kno...
i need to kno if there is feature that makes a fone just vibrate from 9:30 am to 6 pm and then change to ring mode. i mean to keep it silent+vibrate between offfice hours.
this is similar to Samsung functionality of having the morning alarm off on weekends and then back on weekdays, so that we can get some seep on sat and sundays.

  • Jay

Hey every body J here, just wondering.. how many mp3 songs can i have in the l7, is there any chance to get an extra memory to upgrade the performance of the fone, and where can i get it ? peace every body

  • Viper

hi everybody ..... i had l7 2 weeks ago and it's just so fine and i like it so much with very slim design and nice screen
but one thing i can't get that how am i supposed to play mp3's on it, can anyone help me plz cuz i really wanna play some mp3's on it as i think it has ITunes..... thanx and plz help
by the way get one for you it really rocks

  • slvr rocks

this is the best fone in da world

  • Anthony

hi Anthony here, i just wanted to ask could someone please tell me how to do voice memo in the manual it says you can but i cant find it if any could tell me i would be greatful.

  • allan

SeunDave, u cant transfer any file bigger than 5Mb to ur phone coz it has only about 5.5MB of free memory from the original 11MB allocated.

  • 50

can anyone tell me how to record voice on this phone, cuz in the manual write that there is a voice memo but i can find it...

  • cool_boi

i hate moto for not giving l7 radio and a good camera!!! but i really like this phone...