Motorola StarTAC Rainbow

Motorola StarTAC Rainbow

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The screen doesn't any any color.

This phone definitely looks like something from it's era

  • Rex

This phone looks awesome.

  • AnonD-739791

It's so cute! I want one!

  • AnonD-716026

This phone is literally a toy!

  • Lol im tyler dun

wow never seen a phone before

  • rainbow

Where can I get this phone?

  • Anonymous

Clems, 13 Jan 2015Where can I get this phone? Want this badly!i know right

  • PARK

Can i buy extra battery?

These remain one of the most impressive milestones in phone history. Even now they are a small, light device that is ergonomic to use but then disappears into your pocket. My very second hand one went throught the wash several times because it didn't increase the weight or bulk of my pants enough to notice. When they came out they were like a star trek com unit. I wouldn't trade my smart phone but the star stac is perhaps the most amazing device ever for it's moment in time. You can still make the case for one if you carry a bag - the phone is for calls and a tablet is in the bag for web, email etc. Nokia came over the top with cheaper, friendlier devices but the Motorola was the class of it's time.

  • Clems

Where can I get this phone?
Want this badly!

  • moz

tripo70, 10 Jan 2013i had one till now ! its my favorites, like benetton i call... moreThis phone sounds legit.... Damn! I like this one... Wait u guys think its differemt than others
Then u gotta really really check this phone yxtel w888
Funiest phone ever!

  • tripo70

i had one till now ! its my favorites, like benetton i call Clown cellphone

  • Anonymous

Whatever dude why would I buy this when I have an app on my iPhone that transforms it into a rainbow flip?

  • taliban6

this was my favorite fone right after i opened the package it worked like a charm for stoning that ghost in my closet

  • nelly

anjo m, 04 Jan 2012this phone looks like a toy you find in tyangge.yea

  • anjo m

this phone looks like a toy you find in tyangge.

  • Anonymous

omg! i super like this phone!

  • Rinafe Urmatam

WOW!!! It's so cute!! I like it's color so much!! Is this still available in the market? Coz' I would like to buy one. Thanks for releasing this kind of phone motorolla!

  • Anonymous

i agree with "me" :d