Motorola starts a funny ad campaign for Moto Z

Yordan, 09 February 2017

Lenovo is seriously struggling to turn Motorola around after acquiring it but at least its advertising game is on point. Motorola USA released a series of videos that are in the typical TV ad length of 30 seconds.

The videos setup is in a marriage counselor's office where couples talk about their troubles at home - moving on to another one, fantasizing about others, running out of juice. Then the counselor asks are the people on the couch talking about a phone instead of real people and then adds the punch line - “Just buy a new phone”. Cue laughter and some sweet Moto Z coverage along with the Moto Mods.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-491921

Im one of the finalists in the competition.

  • Anonymous

.. How is any of that anywhere close to 'funny'?

I am aware of that program, but what I say is that they seriously need to sell much more Moto Zs to make the Mods viable in the long term. If they give up after the Z2 because of poor sales, I'll laugh at them for years, because I like the idea, and ...

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