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  • qCR
  • 18 Feb 2024

If you grabbed it for its $400 on sale price(or less) that has been going on/off since October now. Then i think it was prob one of if not the best deal of the year. I actually wound up getting this ThinkPhone for $175 after an iphone11pro trade in(only 64/4gb version). I was gonna wait for a new S24 ultra but price was just too good. Once I seen how cheap i could get this ThinkPhone thanks to Motorola's trade-in program, it was an instant buy. My choice having been even further solidified after doing a little quick math. Which showed me that i paid literally only 13.5% of what an S24 Ultra cost to get this ThinkPhone. Lol, with juuust a little more of a trade-in value, i would have almost damn near scored this phone for a 1/10 of what the S24 ultra cost. I wound up with a great spec'd quality phone that is probably what 99% capable of doing the same everyday task as latest flagships. Still with a great SOC that can handle anything practically thrown at it(there's not much of a big difference between the 8gen2 & 8+gen1 in Real World testing/gaming, benchmarks aren't everything as we know).

I feel like i almost stole this thing for how cheap i got it, tremendous bang for buck (would have still bought one even if I didn't need a phone for this price, just to have as a decent backup). One thing i noticed though is Motorola favored iPhones over Samsungs when it came to offering more money for your phone on a trade-in. For instance they only wanted to offer me $130 for a perfectly fine condition S21+ 256GB/8GB. Yet for an iPhone11pro i was offered $220, literally almost a $100 difference? Meanwhile the iPhone11 is close to 2yrs older than the S21 & it had much less storage/specs.

I have no complaints honestly about this phone i have been enjoying using it. 8gen+1 is more than enough for me for the time being. It comes with little bloat & and vanilla ui(as your gonna get). The "ready for" works great (yes i know "phone link" has been around but this works just as good if not better). Honestly having the dedicated "red" button that lets you INSTANTLY mirror your phone, connect to a tv/miracast, file transfer, app streaming, use as webcam, hotspot, mobile wireless desktop, and clipboard sharing between your devices is just awesome to say the least. Has DCI-P3 10bit color screen that looks great and bright, 144hz refresh, Runs all games just fine at high or maxed out graphics, Gestures work great (double tap on back of phone to open app/or set a command, twist to camera, shake for flashlight).

Gorgeous "Aramid Fiber"(Kevlar) inlay on the back of this phone is a welcoming addition(really dont care if its been done already years ago, this is so much better than glass). Reminds of me of the good ole LG V10 but w/different material(one of my favorite phones from LG). The Aramid Fiber is such a nice touch and feels so nice in the hands i much prefer this style. The game changer for me though has been the battery life and the fast charging(coming from a 10w charger btw lol). So yea, the 68watt charger which comes included(big W btw) gives me a full charge in roughly 30minutes (95% in 35min, and even managed 30% in just 6min!). I can quite literally watch the battery percentage climb up while its charging by the seconds, and can have close to 50% in just a quick 15-20min charge. Like i said this is game changing for me as im now charging much much less often, and it charges so quick i still am finding myself asking "does it need a charge yet?" or "wow, its still got that much battery left?" even almost a month later. No more waiting around for your battery to charge anymore. Those last minute annoying "oh damn, i forgot to charge my phone!" moments are gone now forever as you can literally muster up a quick 30% in just minutes,

The camera isn't top-tier but its actually fine and more than capable. Those looking for a little more out of the camera can try using googles "GCam apk" software, which basically utilizes pixel camera software and really makes the camera much more enjoyable. I was however pretty bummed over NOT having the "horizon lock" feature in the ThinkPhone's camera settings though. As the edge+2023 and even some older Motorola phones have this feature available on their cameras, but for some reason its not on the ThinkPhone? Its a great camera feature to have and i know would find myself always wanting to use it all-the-time(same feature is available on GoPros). This phone also has DisplayPort 1.4 which is also nice to have and can handle 4k/120hz & 8K/60hz monitors(Samsung was using DisplayPort 1.2 in the S23 just last year, and it still seems like its up in the air/for debate on if the S24 got 1.4 or not(depending on where/what site your getting the info from its yes and no).

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    • rAt
    • 17 Feb 2024

    had it for a few weeks now and overall great phone. the 8+ gen 1 is still a very capable chipset with some great performance fast and snappy. geek bench score 1827 on the single and 4747 on the multicore. it keeps good thermals the max it hit while running 3d mar k wild life extreme stress test was 43 degree c . the flat screen is vibrant and pleasing on the eye and gets very bright all ways visible even in the bright sun. the speakers are very good too. the only real letdown are the cameras they are not bad however they are only alright fine for some quick shots but nothing really special only ok however for me cameras are low on the list of importance but that's just me. good phone that is getting decent update support for 4 years.

      Esso, 13 Feb 2024Can you use 3.5mm headphones on this phone with a USB C adapter?Yes you can use a usb c to 3.5mm dongle!

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        • Esso
        • IPv
        • 13 Feb 2024

        Can you use 3.5mm headphones on this phone with a USB C adapter?

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          • Mark S
          • Iw3
          • 12 Feb 2024

          Enterprise version of Edge 40 Pro and Edge+ 2023

            Looking to have some questions answered about this phone if anyone is willing as it's one of my options for my next phone:

            How many os updates will the phone get?

            Does it support visible? (just lte 4g is fine. I don't need more than that)

            Is the screen flat?

            And now easily does it heat up under heavyish loads?

            (Also please don't suggest a phone to me I have my own criteria for a phone and I just wanna find a mid ranger to replace my OnePlus 11 on my own.)

            Thanks in advance for any help.

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              • Anonymous
              • rAt
              • 09 Feb 2024

              the think phone has had great support, great battery life, an older but still power-full flagship chipset for the money, a good screen. only okay camera system nothing special but nothing overly bad. the non glass Carbon fiber composite back is so nice in my opinion. an over all great package.

                Can anyone confirm the Bluetooth codecs mentioned here? Neither Motorola nor Lenovo has any information on the supported Bluetooth codecs on their websites.

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                  • EDy
                  • 26 Jan 2024

                  CamoGeko-XDA, 09 Jan 2024This phone looks badass, let's hope Motorola keeps sup... moreThis is not true for the ThinkPone, I'm getting monthly updates so far, which is great.

                    This phone looks badass, let's hope Motorola keeps supporting it with updates for years to come!

                    I heard they ain't good with constant updates.

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                      • b2sql
                      • 3Wi
                      • 22 Dec 2023

                      Seb, 12 Dec 2023in battery saver I got 10,30 h SOT, testing 3 days so farNo battery saver, but set to 4g only. I'm on 32% and 7hr 26min sot. Comparing to old Pixel 6 it's phenomenal. On WIFI it would go to 10hrs easily.

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                        • Seb
                        • HCu
                        • 12 Dec 2023

                        EXA83, 15 Sep 2023Anyone wanna share what kind of battery life they are getting? in battery saver I got 10,30 h SOT, testing 3 days so far

                          MakeMotoBetterAgain, 21 Nov 2023Nothing Phone (2): Who are you? ThinkPhone: I'm you, ... moreWith some upgraded specs and downgraded specs too.

                            Nothing Phone (2): Who are you?
                            ThinkPhone: I'm you, but cheaper and more stock.

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                              • Kash
                              • 7k}
                              • 19 Nov 2023

                              Does this phone have network compatibility for India?
                              Also does this have dual sim with both GSM?
                              Talking about US version.

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                                • Madhits
                                • jMb
                                • 03 Nov 2023

                                I still don't understand how a 2.9 x 6.25inch body holds a 6.6inch screen but it seems its more compact then most of the huge phones available today, close to pixel 8 in size. Also the Dual sim international version of this phone can have an Micro SD card loaded into it. I had Motorola confirm this, so this is my next phone beating out the larger 6.4inch fairphone (expensive & larger) and the sony xperia 5 iv (expensive).

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                                  • ABO
                                  • nuN
                                  • 25 Oct 2023

                                  EXA83, 15 Sep 2023Anyone wanna share what kind of battery life they are getting? My device is new but i get almost a full workday with constant game play leaving the screen on for extended periods. Normal use with only work and calls I have up to half battery at night.

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                                    • qGd
                                    • 22 Oct 2023

                                    Peek Display GONE, wtf. What will I do with out my battery ring

                                    returning to Motorola

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                                      • Sathya
                                      • vGJ
                                      • 04 Oct 2023

                                      EXA83, 09 Sep 2023What's the battery like SOT, Standby drain?8hrs

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                                        • EXA83
                                        • PM9
                                        • 15 Sep 2023

                                        EXA83, 09 Sep 2023What's the battery like SOT, Standby drain?Anyone wanna share what kind of battery life they are getting?