Motorola V1050

Motorola V1050

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  • Anonymous

well this phone certainly looks very stately but apart from that i wouldnt recomend it to anyone..its doesnt have bluetooth which is the main drawback, you cant download any themes and i still couldnt get the data cable for this cause it isnt available everywhere....and also its quite bulky to carry around.

  • srikanth

it is good . but i cant run an airtel sim in it because every time when i call or a call comes the screen goes blank after 10 to50 seconds,and there will be no signal and shows as no servive for a while. this problem comes only on all airtel runs properly in idea,smart,bsnl .
so please help me out in this problem

  • kaycee

It looks nice but it is not a phone for this time and can you use a phone without a blue tooth?.
I tried to download a bible software on it but i cant access it.any help out there pleaseeee.

  • kaycee

It looks nice but it is not a phone for this time and can you use a phone without a blue tooth?.
I tried to download a bible software on it but i cant access it.any help out there pleaseeee.

  • Anonymous

My phone is great except for the following.

1. I can only play one MP3 song at a time. Anyone know of an MP3 player software available so I can listen to the music in order (like a regular MP3 play or Ipod).

2. Having trouble formatting a 2 GIG Card. Any help out there.

3. My speakerphone part works perfect, but I cannot have a conversation with the internal headset.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Jules

Got to be the worst mobile I ever had. The address book sums it all up, if you have a contact with tree telephone numbers it takes up the whole page !! The GUI just doesnt look good, poor taste, I am on Sony Ericcson now and its hard to get me off them. If I was developing for motorola i would certainly think of writing software with a better graphic user interface, and more ergonomic organisation of the address book for instance.

  • Dan

How the hell do I stop it from going to predictive text each time I go to create a newe message? I ahve to press # 3 times in order to go to normal text! Help? Thanks!

  • tornadoro

actually the supported card is microSD 512 MB, maybe even bigger..

  • shaari osman

I like the size of words, easy to see.When i hold it , i feel so comfortable .But wihout mms card very hard to transfer the pict and video to pc.Because no infrared dan bluetooth

  • kim

oh by the way motorola is a crappy brand, i couldent get anything to transfer to the fone so i had to buy a mini memory card with a SD (San Disk) adaptor, (not including the 400/500 megs of software that had to be downloaded) from a european sever which takes about 20 hours to download from where I live >_<

  • Kim

im having a lot of trouble with this fone now, had it for about a year.. it was fine within the first 3 months, then the screen would somtimes turn off after i open it. now a days back when i would txt, every time i pushed a key the screen would rapidly turn of and back on.. and only a few days back the screen just dies everytime i turn it on (slowly fades away or doset turn on at all)

  • Jamato

That phone isn't bad,it has big screen and didn't stop working

  • Tolek24

Hmmm...most Motorola`s phones have problems with soft (v3, e398), but i think thats Motorola have great phones...n cheap! on Polish auctions can buy for 50 to 70$(used or new).

And software or data cable can be buy also on auctions (ebay or others).

  • gabelu

It`s a very bad phone.. i had it for a while, when it appeared... and i had the time to test it. The Soft is awfull... and when i tried to look to the pictures i have taken ... if i made them using the largest resolution for the camera, i had to wait a lottttttt so i can see them...and then the white screen appeared. It`s awfull.. and i had very much care with it.. so technical problemes excluded ( just bad software)

  • jackie

well it looks very sophisticated although one major drwback is it not having blue tooth!..and since the phone is not popular in countries such as srilanka its very hard to get the datacable and software required..but apart from thst its a durable and cool phone.

  • Paul

has some problems

  • Paul

Great phone , but has some problems with the soft .

  • paul

it's a good phone!

  • G

I got myself one of these about a week ago, and im pretty satisfied. I bought it new and unlocked, and I was wondering if i would want to make a video conference with my friend who has the same phone, do we get charged for that? or is it counted as a regular phone call. We both live in the US under a GSM network and have the same unlocked phones.

  • lee_samurai

Nor really easy to put apps and games on your v1050 but if oyu know how it become easy. And why buy 1 games for 2- 3 $ when u can just download 1000 games for free !!! form torrent engines. My motto: "why pay when u can get it for free" :))
oh, how it's done:
1) u must connect your microSDcard to a Pc adapter/reader so u can vizualize it on your pc.
2) after u can see what's on your card ( not using the motorola application; but using windows EXPLORER ) u enter on your card ( my computer / G: or whatevers your drive) and enter in the "mobile" directory and enter in the hidden directory called KJAVA ( type G:/mobile/kjava/ in explorer bar )
3) after u'd entered in the kjava hidden directory, just copy the .jar files in there randomly.
4) insert the card in ure v1050 and enter in the game menu/ install new game
5) select the game u want to install and play it ! THAT'S IT
& Don't pay for stupid games!i just tried to buy some games by browser and i after i payed for it i got an error, not just one time! just download it via bitorrent or DC++ or whatever.. u will find 1000 game pack for motorola, works great!
If u really like the games buy them :p bleah...