Motorola V1050

Motorola V1050

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  • sammo

i was just wondering if i should buy one of them, my boss offered hers to me for 50 bucks and its in great nick. but every1 seems to think so badly of it. yay or nay. plz email me

  • Anonymous

Are you serious about the photos taken with the camera only taking up half the screen when set as the wallpaper?!

  • Anonymous

Ok guys here goes this is a peice of crap trust me i got it 1month ago and its crap nothing wrong(liek doesnt freeze or anything)but the menu it so crap looks stupied cant change the theme so F*uckin heavy and in the camera option u cant make it full screen so if u take a pic and come to put it as your background its covers half the screen other half is like white doesnt have bluetooth or infared wtf doesnt come with cable and it gets scratched SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy and the music speaker is so crap its like mono and there r no options for sound all u can do is shuffle music and turn it up thts all u can do in your mp3 option seriously even if its 100buks dnt get this peice of crap i got it for 750nz dollars now its 400clearance i didnt even bother selling it no one wants them its in my room somewhere ive got a sonyerricson k800i now WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better dnt get this pecie of crap guys may look cool but its homo catcha up

  • Gemima

Can anyone tell me how to access the memory card on this phone please?? There is stuff on the memory card already but I dont know how to access it? x

  • beaky

without bluetooth, this phone is incomplete.

  • sika le khekhe

this is a very reliable phone when it comes to using it as a modem never have i experienced any problems with it only my laptop when it hade a virus, but i'm not happy with the fact that it does not have bluetooth and infrared. it should have it's own upgraded model v1050i

  • qzed

i like this phone because i can rely on it. battery lasts for 3 days, with a couple of video`calls per day, gprs works just fine, and as soon as i installed opera mini browser i could surf the net fast and stylish. lots of games that i installed were nice for a few days, then i got bored and installed lots of applications. has a great shock resistance, i dropped it already too many times and has no scratch. the low point is the camera quality, both for photo or video`clips. i also had a razr for a week and didn't like it so much due to the fact that is too wide, fits in a palm in a bad way.

  • marius

It is a good phone ! supports 1Gb t-flash card , cool and big display , 3g it works perfectly on orange , SOLID PHONE !

  • Anonymous

very big and heavy,short battery life especially with 3g enabled.sometimes i have to take the battery from the phone in order to shut it fact the phone has many last motorola phone.

  • ibrahim dori

Exellent in appearance but more room for function improvement.

  • Craig

This is a piece of rubbish - please dont buy it...lock ups, pathetic battery life, no bluetooth (seems in some countries it has - and was sold to me as being bluetooth enabled) cannot turn off 3G etc. My first and last experience with Motorola.

  • dany

it"s a nice phone but it"s a little big

  • juan

for me itīs not a bad cell, but uncomplete, without bluetooth, infrared, noting nothing, but very nice

  • Lizette

sorry, I mean my mp3 music from computer to phone...

  • Lizette

can anyone please help me I am trying to download my mp3 from computer onto phone but it keeps saying "unspupported format (mp3 codec may be inappropriate or missing) how can i solve this problem. please email me thank you

  • Craig

1gb Card works perfectly.

How do you upload java apps or games?

  • Daniel

99$ at Vodafone Romania :P and if I have a USB cable, I don't need bluetooth

  • Anonymous

Has anyone tried a 1gb flash card in here? Does it work?

  • karen

i just bought this phone on ebay... can u upload songs via computer and cable to mp3 .. and does it have an alarm clock and infrared?

  • shauna

i gt a trans flash adapter wif me fone nd i need mur memory so i wnt 2 put it in! bt wher does it go? i've looked nd wen i tuk my normal memory card out all my pictaz nd videoz wer deleted!! plz help me bak!! thanx!