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  • Anonymous

this phone has been a big hassle. mostly because it will not hold charge. i had a different charger tested on it, i had the battery replaced through motorola and finally i just received a replacement phone form tmobile. and ta-da. same problems. i feel so ripped off, all i wanted was a phone that would be reliable, didnt need all the fanciness, and i have been terribly let down.

  • Anonymous

I've used the v188 for over a year now and it's been a good phone. It lacks the highend gadgets and features of most phones, but the sound quality is better than the Nokia I was using. Now I use the v330 as the main phone, but still keep the v188 as a backup.

  • cheyenne

I like the phone but im lookin' for something better like a Motorola SLVR L7

  • Please Work

It takes about 3 days to charge.

It doesn't work sometimes for no reason.

I can't make calls right now b/c my phone just doesn't feel like working. Maybe later if I am lucky it will work again. It usually does. You just have to wait until its ready.

Some of my friends can't hear me talk on this phone. That is awesome!

This phone is so great if you like carrying dead weight around. Mostly my big beef is that it doesn't work. Other than that this phone rules.

I more word...


  • Cory

I would never recommend this phone. It a huge problem. If it isn't the battery not charging easily, it's the fact that the up button randomly stopped working. or that I can't see how many times someone called. All i wanted was an ordinary phone, no cameras, no bells, no whistles. Thought I found a good deal. I GOT EXACTLY WHAT I PAID FOR. everyone I meet who has this phone hates it. I can't wait for July when my contract is up.

  • gms_user

Motorola released this phone as an economy phone compared to their top line phones. The problem with this is that Motorola's top line phones aren't even comparable to the other phones like Nokia. The result a badly designed phone like this V188. The V188 cannot be better than Motorola's top line phones which are not top line phones if compared to other phone manufacturers. This V188 is a genetically disabled phone.

  • Sam Hagan

This phone will not save shortcuts, which makes using voice dialing a useless feature compared to simply dialing the number. When a shortcut to voice dialing is created, it works only until the phone is turned off. You then have to re-create the shortcut. It also apparently will not display the date when it is in automatic time mode. I thought Motorola made good products.I'm going back to using my old V66 and returning this poorly designed phone.

  • MaT

Not a bad phone, BUT it limits Voice-Dial to only 5 selections! My older phone had a more realistic VD capacity of 20. "two steps backwards" Is this expandable??

  • fizhin

where path that i can save a video file(*.3gp) on c651 ? please email me all about phreaking technik u know

  • Anonymous

I got this phone but it was dead on arrival - The shop took it in for repair twice. They repaired it once and replaced it once. The replacement died about 1 month later.

Motorola seems to be having a lot of quality problems. This is the second time I've had problems with Motorola phones.

Buy Motorola phone if you enjoy talking to their repair staff.

  • Jessy

well i really love my phone i mean i take care of it and it looks really cool but like that person said that this phone should be able to keep text messages no matter how many there is and there should be able to keep up with the misse calls and tell us how many times they called they could've called 5 times cuz of a emergency and we only see it 1 time

  • vlelet

Whoever designed this phone didn't think that the user might want to keep some text messages for personal, sentimental and other reasons. The designer of V188 expected the user to delete incoming text messages after reading them. All text messages are stuck in the inbox and cannot be transfered into another folder in the phone because (unlike with Nokia) it does not allow user to create another text messages folder. V188 was released for T-Mobile and the problem with this is that T-Mobile SIM's text Inbox capacity is 26 text messages only. As a result, text messages Inbox becomes crammed with important-retained text messages and incoming text messages until the inbox becomes full of its text messages capacity. So, to the texter Motorola V188 is not for you.

  • ceecee

I just bought this phone yesterday and i love it. But i have a question, are there ways to put free ringtones on it without hidden fees or extra charges?

  • Julio

It´s a basic phone but it really works fine for me. If you´re looking for a good non expesive cell this is it. I need the drivers and the software to connect it with my PC. Can any one help me?

  • kelly

It is a good phone it works well and the speaker is good. The colors it comes in is original. i love it I had it for 5 months and it still works fine. I recomend this phone.

  • Alex

This is a nice basic phone, a definate upgrade from most of the phones I've used. But one problem I do have with it, which seems to be a problem with the whole v1xx series, is that when I'm talking to someone, I can sometimes hear my own voice coming in through the speaker, forcing me to hang up and call the people back. The lack of smart buttons and voice buttons is somewhat of a pain too. But if I didn't need more I'd be quite content with this phone.

  • suzi

First of all, why are people complaining about a phone? A phone should do what it does- make and receive calls.
If you want to take pictures, listen to mp3, make calls, receive calls, etc...I suggest that you bring your camera and mp3 player along with your phone next time you go out.

I think this is a decent phone for its price.

  • Ali

It's horrible. I had my original about 2 weeks when it started to lock up on me. Removing the battery didn't work, returned it to TMobile who replaced it with a refurbished one..that should have been the clue that something was wrong with the model. Haven't had a problem with mine but now my daughters phone, purchased at the same time as mine is now "locking up" and removing/inserting the battery isn't solving the problem. I'll be curious to see what T-Mobile does with this phone. At this rate I'm ready to buy out of my contract. Their service is horrible.

  • Dave Mason

So far I like this phone, yet it did lock up on me once, I had to remove the battery and replace it to get it to turn on agian....hasn't happend agian..I had a v66 so this is better...if you want a basic phone this isn't a bad phone..It doesn't have all the bells and whistles but I just need it for comunication...I like to have a separate camera and mp3 player my self..the cameras on the cell phones are way to small.
Besides it was almost free through t-mobile..cost me 6 dollars for the upgrade..I think the speaker phone works fine...I would never use it to talk through anyway just listen to my voice mails..I like the clock on the outside of problem it doesn't show the date on the front or inside, you have to go to the calender....I'm good with it for now unless it starts locking up on me...if so I will replace it.

  • Antifa

I have a USB connector and was wondering if there is anyway to download pictures (I notice most of the ones on the phone are GIFs) and Mp3s from my laptop harddrive to the phone. I mean it connects to the computer fine but there seems to be no way to transfer Data -- any suggestions?