Motorola V188

Motorola V188

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  • Leta

I just got this phone a couple weeks ago and I love it. I get the best ringtones. I dropped it in water and it still works one of the inexpensive but still styhlish and fun phones on the market!

  • Krossfire

just got this phone in today and I only have a couple of issues. 1 is the small screen but I can live with that. The other is the fact that I tried copying my address book from my SIM to the phone and now it shows all entries twice and I cannot find a way to delete more than one entry at a time. Oh and one more DIDN'T ask to confirm my deletion so if you hit delete by mistake, you just lost a phone number.
If someone knows how to get rid of the duplicate entries w/out doing them one-by-one, please email or respond to this.

  • KJ

I recieved this phone about a week ago, and I am already tired of it! It's a nice design, and its small and lightweigh, but it has no games, and the speakerphone is really low. I'm in the market for a V330, but its a little pricy, if anyone has a V300, that they're tired of reply to my email, and maybe we could have a little chat.

  • Jeff

Looks nice, but the speakerphone sucks, and the phone feels cheap. Display is very small, too. Not Recommended.

  • anonymous

Not happy with this phone. I just got this a week ago and the phone dies on me when I'm on the phone. The battery is fully charged and holding down the power button doesn't work. I have to remove and replace the battery for the phone to work again. It's done this 3 times in one week! Also, the ringer volume turns down automatically, even though the ringer style is set to loud. The first ring or two is loud and then the next ones are barely audible. Strange. I've done troubleshooting with Tmobile and they can't figure it out either. I can't get them to tell me if they know of a particular problem with this brand. They were very dodgy about answering my question because when I said I wanted to return it,she kept pushing me to the Samsung 475 instead.

  • batcha

If i sms in motorala v188 it is comming in chines langauge.But settings are in englis me

  • mar

the motorola v188 is an excellent phone. it is not for anyone trying to look flashy with a camera but it will fill the shoes of a quality phone. plus it is a motorola so you can expect good things! Peace

  • new user

I love this thing. Other than the horrible time trying to text people with that silly recognizable texting thing it hits the spot and I just got 3 poeple to get one!

  • Gpart704

i cant get the phone t turn on i thought the battery was dead but after it was plugged in over night i still get no reasonse i just got this phone and it already ???? the bed not happy

  • Mr Basic

This is a very simple and nice PHONE - it does what a PHONE should do and does it well.

This is a Phone not a MP3 player, not a Camera, not a whatever. Get this Phone if you want a phone.

Why do people criticize a phone for not being everything but a phone, or they want an inexpensive phone to have all the features of an expensive one - I dont Get it?

  • justgotthisphone

can someone please let me know if this phone has an extended battery..if so where can i get it??

  • JOHN

back is plastic so easy to break

  • um

i have one and its great

  • enie

My Motorola V188 is sending sms messages in chinese but all settings are in english.

  • Dirk Vervacke

A nice and elegant phone for people in need of a phone. No matter what is being said, it is still too early to have all-in-ones that are top quality in all their features (phone, camera, mp3 player, organizer, ...). As long as manufacturers don't use TRIZ to develop the new models, compromise will remain very much present. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a good phone, this is one!... and you don't need a lot of personality to look good carrying around one of these...

  • TemiTope

i will like if i can be a subscriber of this motorola phone and be receiving mail everyday.

  • Anonymous

To Karma Samsungs are shit phones coz they have less features !! SonyE is better

try a Motorola MPx 220 or Mpx 300 or wait for the V1000!! Best of all!!!

  • Jammy

Well i am happy to see another cheap and third grade mobile from motorolla a piece of shit

Karma if it was me and looking for those features for some of my friend i would have suggested him samsung d500 or even better Sony Ericsson k700i

  • karma

i realy like this phone and ive got a a question, what fone du i get? i want a flip phone with a 256k screen and a 65k screen on the outside with a camera and video also either bluetooth or infrared. reply on this window