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  • mass

can anyone tell me the difference between motorola v3x and motorola v3i please i want to know which one is better. also please can anyone tell motorola to give a better model names to its phone coz its confusing and also they look the same apart from the feature,(they say u have to use the same formula to be sucessful) maybe this its they idea)hehehehehehe please once again send all the info to

  • mellissa

how long can you record for,,can it play vids full screen.. what is video recording res (176 x 144,,cif,,,qvga)these are my questions because there is no pdf d/load yet or any detailed specs thank you


But in the video mode that does not happen.It is kind of strange. I really think that is bug in the phone. Is it really suppouse to be like that?

  • mike

How well does it work in North America since it does not have the 850 frequency?

  • Mark

To Vicente,

Yeah it is perfectly normal for the menu to go a very light. Its so that you can see more of the picture on the screen! Good feature!

  • Vicente

Hello. I have a motorola v3x vodafone unlocked Silver color. Everything works great but the camera. When I use the camera the menu goes very light. You can barely see the options and the little wheel for the camera options. Is this norma. In the video mode eveything is perfect. Please let me know.

  • Simon

Does anyone know how to connect the v3x to a bluetooth printer, I`ve tried everything but can`t get it to print. Apart from that the phone is ab fab.

  • Gangsta Moto

Unless you guys do not have MMS and stuff in the US then I cant understand why your service providers cannot help you really. You need to enter their settings as they are the providers. They must have had other phones with MMS enabled etc.. and the settings are always the same except obviously from phone to hone field names and stuff may be different but it's all the same all in all.

For instance i got the regular V3 on Orange here in the UK and my MMS settings are:

Download : automatic
Expire after: 99days
Size limit: 100kb
Server Info: Orange MMS

T-mobile or whoever you are with must have something similar.


My service provider does not know how to set it up.
Any other suggestions?

  • bahhh

great phone 2mp camera and a vga video call cam plus bluetooth and high memory i have 2 buy it

  • sed

i was wondering if any one knows how to get this phone to be compatible with an apple mac powerbook g4 cuz the bluetooth is not working it says it has no supported files or some thing... so if any one knows can you please email me..... but apart from this the phone is great and would recomend it to any 1.....

  • Woo

I'm a big fan of Motorola V3 Razr, I saw V3i and I was very impressed. I see lots of people here say V3x is a great phone and all but also leave bad feed from their experience what is up with this?? Are you guys saying is this a good phone or it's good phone but not that good for that price....I own SE W900 and extremely happy there's nothing bad you could talk about that's V3x compair with W900.

  • Gangsta Moto

You need to contact you service provider for that mate cos every provider uses diff settings, servers etc...... tell em what kinda phone you got abd they would give you the info you require.

  • Vicente

Can anyone let me know how to set up mms settings and wap settings, for this phone with tmobile usa. I have an unlocked vodafone version here in USA.

  • Gangsta Moto

Texting i not bad at all... u just dont understand thats all. If it's too hard for u on Itap then change to Tap.

  • Sri

Nice cool phone...look protective soft touch case good.
some times i have problm... when i create contact date of birth its crashes that contact i could not access the contact. may be software problem.... i dont know...

overall good...

texting is very's very difficult to text...too much complication.

nice voice reconisition system...digit dial ...but name dial is not working...i don't knw................

overall...4 star..

  • Dub

Does anyone know how to get rid of the irritating vodafone live button from the main screen?

  • Rob

Another "almost" perfect phone WITHOUT 850. What is this world comming to..??

  • Anonymous

I love this phone! Went on my mates today! It is a great looking phone and the keypap is eay to use. I personally think the camera is brill and it has 8x zoom and macro mode. For those of u asking if u dont want the operator logo on the cover of the phone etc buy from o2, They dont put them on :D
Does this phone have radio though?

  • Big Al

I just got this phone for a few days, my previous phone is a SE T630. Overall, this is a nice phone with lots of features. Almost everything is working as expected. Below is a random set of comments:

- The entire unit is made of high quality plastic. The battery door is a little flimsy. There is a soft speaker grill (make of soft plastic) on the back of the phone, make sure you don't poke it or else it'll break.

- Phone is fast enough for menus, it is definitely way faster than the sick SE T-630.

- Battery life is short, it died within 24 hrs. I guess I spent too much time mucking around with all the functions and MP3 players. Besides, I'm only on a 3rd charge here, battey life probably improves after 5-6 charges.

- The LCD is bright and sharp. Color is superb.

- Bluetooth seems to be working alright as well, whether it is paired with my SE HBH-660 BT headset, my SE T-630 or my laptop PC. File transfer or address book entries transfer works fine.

- The phone doesn't have iTune. I believe only US version will have iTune (I'm located in HK). There is a Motorola Java MP3 player. The problem with this player is that it doesn't resume after answering to an incoming call. You need to manually resume the player. You can use the phone's built-in MP3 player (primitive) as an alternative. There is no folder to orgainze your MP3 files, it just shows you a big list of MP3 files from all folders. Very hard to find a song (you have to scroll thru' the entire list and there is no find function). If you want to use the built-in player, you do need to build a playlist in order for it to play one song after another. Also, the player will not play MP3 files over 192kbps bit rate, and the delete function is buggy (incorrectly deleted your playlist when it asks you to delete an unrecognized MP3 file). All in all, the MP3 function is marginal. Now I really wish iTune is there.

- The included headset has USB connection for music and voice call. There is no provision for using a better headphone. Sound quality is ok, definitely not hi-fi enough for me (could be the limitation of the headphone).

- Phone does attract finger prints easily, so often cleaning may be necessary.

- Camera is ok, don't expect quality like a dedicate digital camera. It's probably similar to the latest Nikia or SE phones.

- Speaker independent voice dial is not reliable, may need to spell the contact name in another way in order to get a match. Wish they put a voice recording function for the contact name in the phone book so that I'll surely get a match with voice dial.

- Phone does allow MP3 ringtone residing on the micro SD card. It also lets the MP3 ringtone comes thru' the BT headset, which is nice.

I had a total of 4 reboots of the phone out of the blue. Two cases where me making a call when the battery is low. The phone just rebooted instead of shutting down. One other case the phone rebooted during a BT transfer after extensive BT transfers were made. And one other time was after I closed the flip after answering a call. This happened after I mucked around with the MP3 player extensively. Not sure if I got a lemon with defective hardware or simply a firmware problem. I suspect it is the latter and newer firmware in the furture will likely to fix this.