Motorola V3x

Motorola V3x

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  • Dave kremmer

I rather buy a cool digital camera and I nice cell phone. The money left I would go out with at least 50 girls.
dinner included :)

  • Mantmast

WTF??!! 2 Megapixels? Crazy...I'm getting one

  • Anonymous

It's a 3G fone,no need for EDGE.

  • mike

good looking! very masculine type of phone

  • fone dude

looks very nice! especially black/red details. the screen is 320x240? looks much smaller in picture.

  • jay

anyone here have any idea wat is this phone made of?it is said to be the successor of the the colour and the material similar to the black v3?

  • Anonymous

Also, NO EDGE on this phone!!!!

  • Anonymous

Too bad this phone doesn't have 850MHz band cause I'm using Cingular. I like Quad band more than Tri band. Maybe I should switch to T-Mobile next year.

  • Sam

I currently own a V3 but this some how does not seem as stylish or good looking. However its extra functions do make up for it. I think that the new nokia 8800 style phone is better, and sorry motorola - will be switching to nokia!


can you please let me kno how much is the phone for and also if it has speaker phone thanx

  • chuckie`

Do any1 no How much is the phone....i want to get it

  • diego

I think this is the best phone i've ever seen. Too bad it wont come out soon. Im sure by the time it does come out something better will have come around.Pitty.I would buy it in a snap today!

  • Robert Knight

I like that this phone is black. Too many phones are silver. Silver is not that nice to begin with so any change from that is good.

  • Chistopher

In desc of this fone write that it has got a display: size 320x240, I compare this picture to a Motorola E1120 who got this same size, but on the pictures a size of e1120 is bigger than V1150. Is this picture in 1:1??

  • ollie

cool phone... might buy it. does it have video capture or just playback???

  • gs

Does it have a speakerphone?

  • alexandra

This phone it is really nice but i have to think at the price . it has better features than V3 but i like more the design of v3(it is more thin)i hope that it won't take your your skin , if you know what i mean


I liket the phone-just the internal phone memory is the same as the V3-and it does resemble the symbian version.Does not specify if the phone has windows or if it is a smartphone or what.

  • Gayz0r

this phone should run on symbian motorola can lick my balls!


Dude this phone is SWEEEET however much it is from what i can see it looks worth it.