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  • kay

hey roi, if u want to boost your volume on your phone, google this motosound, it's a free program that amplifies your motorola phone, and u can visit this site At this site u can finds skins to change the look on yur phone, such as icons, background. You can find these in downloads. To apply the skin, use the program called skiman (skins manager) it can be found in downloads. Any problems, post your opinion. Enjoy ; )

  • Trev

Cool phone but like all phones has it problems.
Pros: 2 megapixel cam, great sound quality, great ringtone support, durable, screensaver and wallpaper quality is superb, lots of customization abilities for contacts.

Cons: buttons get stuck (on mine the number 3 is always stuck), not all videos are supported, sometimes smart button is stuck, voice message waiting indicator does not clear itself (if you have Cingular) I had to clear manually with another phone by switching my sim card out, signal can be a problem if you have Cingular, this phone is ideal for T-Mobile users, my phone is now starting to restart itself every so often which is annoying.

  • carlo

i really like my motorola v3x except for the fact that the color casing of the phone model are too expensive. now my phone have some scratches and i cant even replace the casing woth a new one. but i like the other features such as the 2 megapixel camera and the mp3s i can save. tnx moto..

  • archelle18

maybe i should by this fone... i like it

  • Anonymous

it is very good but the memory in it is very low. so this i and all of my friend just hate it for its low memory. bye pakistan_group

  • mina

i have v3x camera is very is poor .too

  • Anonymous

Dashing looks & straight performance, no complains about this phone.

  • vino

i love my v3x but then my mp3s arent that loud i just hate it.

  • Anonymous

i've had this phone for 3 weeks, i like it so far, especially the iTAP for SMS ... works well for me. also the ease in downloads of music ... a fun phone to use. theres also a lot of forums in the net that guides on modding and configuring the phone

  • dfr

Wonderful colours & design!

  • mx

Well, all cellular phones somewhere lack some features, so what?! Even if the v3x is said to be so, I just love it. It's my best phone ever!

  • rony

A superb phone for a superb price!

  • rob

What a design it's got!!! It's simply a gr8 & stunning phone comprising almost all necessary features of 2day. Afterall, it comes from the first worldwide manufacturer of cellular phones!!! Cheers HELLOMOTO!!!

  • halim hamid

V3X is a best hand set i have had & economic price with MP3 , 2 mega camera.Friendly for user. Thank to motorolla.

  • ace

hi everyone, anybody using mobile phone tools for v3x? and if anybody has drivers for this one can you please send it to me: I will really apreciate it

  • kramz

such a wonderful phone...would someone please help me to get rid of the RE: or FWD: letters if I send a reply or forward a message...please...thankz guy...MOTORULEZZZZ

  • Ryan

Yesterday I was stunned when I found out that Motorola v3x is out of stock due to demands and I'm still lucky because I went to other shop nearby and I got their last v3x.

Great phone indeed!

  • Ryan

I bought this phone yesterday and I'm sure this phone will be my last.

Great phone.. The resolution is great!

Texting is also good..

Kudos to motorola!

  • Reagan Owusu

people this fon is realy perfect for a business man go for it...

  • roi

pleae,, tell me how to boost the speakers? pls. tell me in details thanks my email is