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  • Vodafone

can u pls send me the pics
of the v3x in orange and balck

  • Jim

Great Features - Very Poor Performance
Most unreliable mobile phone I have had - often jams when sending SMS or screen goes while (requiring removal of battery & rebooting), poor battery life, fails to ring - has been replaced twice. This my first & last Motorola. Having great features is pointless if the quality & engineering is poor

  • tracey

great phone but how do u get rid of icons down the left side of phone + the o2 symbol getting on my nerves as u cant see full wallpaper

  • Anonymous

can someone tell me if i can synchronized my outlook with it

  • Russell Teki

Kiaora from New Zealand,yes this is a awesome phone,but what do you do when you lose it??that sucks but i am gonna buy another 1 soon as!!

  • Chris

The bluetooth on the v3x does not only work with headsets. U can send & recieved files using the bluetooth application. I can understand that when u click to find devices the phone do not find anything except for bluetooth headsets. The only way the phone will find other devices is if u go to the file u wnat to transfer then u copy it. Just makesure the other device is on for the v3x too see it. By doing that it will work.. If u just go straight to the bluetooth application threw the menu and click find devices.. it will not find anything except headsets. I know.. its backwards but thats how u do it!!

  • Reza

I am looking for a way to download programs to my Motorola V3X. Please advise.

  • Solo™

  • Solo™

Im quite Pleased with my MotorolaRazr V3x! I did reformat it though to delete the Pre-installed Web Sessions.

I have created a site for Motorola V3x Users in the Philippines. Feel free to post your Questions in there!


  • sheikh

moto v3x is most outdated model,u cant rename file,closed the upper part of keyboard sticks to screen leaving impression,left side volume buttons cracks when holdind,bottom of screen border cuts the wallpaper unless u leave it blank on every pic,battery life is one day,what else u cannot transfer any file via blutooth from Nokia phone .All plus its only mobile which has no update since last year.Lastly market value is 100$ with begging for a 6 months old Moto wakeup

  • Anonymous

maximum capacity is 2gb if you purchase a Sandisk microSD, some other companies that make microSD i don't know, but the 2gb from sandisk work on my v3x though. By the way, the card slot locate inside the battery door, take out the batter door, you'll see it.

  • Jack

I wana ask R3n3w3D, can u tell me how to mode this phone? pls....thanks a lot man.

  • salman

hiii,,,,,could any one plz send me the MOTOROLA V3X mobile phone,s pictures in a ORANGE color,,,,,plzz,,,i will be thank full to u,,,,my email id is,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Horace

it user friendly? how about the themes? its easy to find and install to it? and it can play music eventhough the it is closed (flip)?And how many message can store?is depend on the momery card?Can play software like nokia symbian OS?Thanks for reply me!

  • alexxx

hi pls pls pls. can i watch tv on my v3x phone?because one of my colleagues said that i cannot because i dont have a streaming videos, and watching tv requires real one can i download the real one on my phone.pls pls help me!!!!!thank you!!

  • 3g guy

PLEASE HELP! i cant find the the letter "U" with two dots on top!!!! please help!! i need that. thanks btw

  • Anonymous

does this cover video calling???

  • R3n3w3D

I ramble the world... and searched the ocean & the sky. from the old to new technology I found the motorola V3x is the most "MODDABLE PHONE" today. the clarity of "picture" the "crisp of sounds" the 50 java games & softwares & the elegant look. for me i am very contented and happy with this phone' just learn to modify youre phone and that's it you have the superb cell phone. but of course i'm waiting for V3x maxxx and beyond! =) ;p

  • xandy

i'm planning to buy this phone, but there's one thing I need to know... I wanna know how many messages it can store...can it hold up to a thousand plus...??? like the latest nokia phones?please email me....thanks!

  • sid7

i just got my V3x was a excellent phone...i like is it the battery wont last long??what is the max capacity to use a micro SD??are there any software that i can download??pls help me out guyz...thanks v3 rockz