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Motorola V3x

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  • ace

the bluetooth only works with headsets. it wont connect to other phones

  • Peter

This phone is great..I have one problem with taking Pictures with the Flip closed.. It seems that the subject that I point to does not Show up in the Picture. Instead, Everything around it is in the Picture. Could having the Resolution set to 2.0 M.P have something to do with it?? Feel free to Email me.. Other than that I love this Phone!!!

  • Meruson

after using 2 month

inside the panel no ...losing the color ...

the gprs does not show picture when log in ...

i dun know y, i brought this h/p ...

so sad motorola

  • Anonymous

its got heaps of features at an affordable price only 249 on prepaid with 3

  • PiperSexy

Hi! I have problem on my phone, other phone can access/find me thru bluetooth but if i will use bluetooth it always display no device found... try again !!! pls help!!!

  • Motoman

A solid performance by motorola.A great phone technically.Design wise it leaves a bit to be desired,not the prettiest piece of technology ever.Decent camera but still well behind sony-ericson and the like.Also beware of the glass panel over the camera lens.It is very loose.mine has fallen out,now awaiting repair. OVERALL:8/10.

  • Jack

hey! i have solved my problem! my pc can detect my v3x and i am able to move songs into my phone! now it is a great gadget! the sound quality depend on the kbps of the sound...those songs wif high kbps will give you a good sound nice...nice big screen, nice display...nice design..better then those brick-designed SE phones.

  • Kanne

hello to everyone,
i am going to buy a v3X mobile on monday maybe. I wanted to know if it is a gub mobile and if it can cnnect fast by bluetooth.

  • brian

how can i remove the software and put it back to the motorola software does any one know how to...i keep on hearing an annoying sound while i am on a call does any one know how i can fix it??

  • Jack

I just bought this phone yesterday...everything was great..but..when the Motorola Phone Tools software requires me to connext my v3x to my laptop seems cannot detect it? can someone help me? pls...i m so worried...

  • bazza

please, please can someone tell me how to turn the blue tooth on my 2 v3x phones as they wont pick no one up, i did turn it on as to how they say to..

  • Anonymous

heny: if the v3x from hongkong, then yeah, if not from hongkong, you'll need to install chinese language pack in it; it's easy to find online

  • harvey

can somebody help me out? the battery icon on the external display doesn't show anymore... can any one tell me how to put it back in the display again?? pls email me...

  • Anonymous

omg this is like the greatest phone ever on earth! I've had this phone for like nearly a year now and nothing went wrong so far, dunno what other pplz do with their phones but nothing's wrong with my phone, so it's all up to you to care for your phone!!!!! so i definately recommend this phone to everyone who's reading this! cuz i'm so happy with my phone! it looks great, feels funky and takes great pics! So if you're not sure about buying it find a person with this mobile and enjoy~~

  • mtn worker

I think this phone has GREAT features. 3G 2 Megapixel camara 512MB memory card, cable for your conputer EVERYTHING. I'm working for MTN and I think between ALL the other handsets this one is the best, I even took 1 yesterday on my upgrade. Check MTN special's its on a GREAT special at the moment. enjoy

  • heny

can it write and read sms in chinese languange?

  • Anonymous

for the white version, have to purchase online , this site sell white v3x , i purchased a white V3x, a little silver, the color look really great outside, cool design. This phone has many good feature, customize ringtone for each phonebook entry, picture id, store up more than 200 text message, great bluetooth working (transfer files, connecting to PC), great firmware (if you take a little time research for its firmware) i am pretty sure many experts online have improving the camera quality, so the review in this forum isn't correct, picture quality and video quality working great now (to my v3x because i research new firmware and unlock features) also, nice multimedia feature, allow to play wide range of mp3, wma, even real music, you can also play wmv, mp4, 3gp with this phone, (one thing that most no-OS phone couldn't do) nice camera feature, the price is excellence, if compare to N70, (if N70 is cheap as this one, i probably say N70 is a little better), but N70 price is too different from this one, this will beat N70 for sure. However, for the fact that V3x has a magnificient screen display, truebright with 320 x 240 pixel, you should try to look at one at the store. If you're understand about phone technology concept, go for this phone, if you just don't know much about computer and phone technology, don't go for it, or you will end up like many guys in this chat room (don't know how to operate the phone properly or not fully understanding the technology and start to blame the manufacture fault). In my opinion, you couldn't blame the manifacture, it's your decision to purchase, they already give out the fact, you're the one who actually can choose.

  • maitaguia

Hello. Does this phone come in the color white? I saw a picture of it once, but everywhere I've asked, the retailers keep on telling me that there's no white version.

  • bhelle

>>hi everyone..anyone can tell me if i can watch tv in this phone!! and whose geat, this phone or N70? im about to buy a new phone and im so hard thinking what is the best phone should i buy in terms of its performance, features and design ofcourse..ope to help me..thanx a lot!

  • Emily

I am thinking of buying this phone but I am not 100% confident about it. Should i buy it?