Motorola V501

Motorola V501

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  • Anonymous

I bought this phone in Hong Kong 2 years ago and put a T-Mobile SIM card in it. Not all of the functions (i.e. web browsing) work with T-Mobile but its a great phone. Good price, quad band with a camera. They make it in China.


I dislike this phone...

  • irna

good phone.just get it.but i have to learn more because it has many function,

  • Darren

answering some of ur questions: 1. yes u can transfer mp3's and pictures using the bluetooth link 2. to delete a picture, go in the menu, the go to multimedia, then pictures, then press the menu button again to see the delete option, the rest is easy. 3. activate the voice dialing by going in the menu, then setting, then headset and turn it on.

  • troy

could someone tell me if i could get this phone at t-mobile, cingular or AT&T please because i want it badly!!! or any other store in the philadelphia region or new york please!!!

  • Kartik

I don't get the delivery reports of my SMS which i sent,, where is the option to enable it???

I can store just 30 sms, is this the maximum limit??

  • Haley

plz reply to my question. how do yu delete a pic after yu hav stored it into ur phone? help me.

  • A

I used and tested this phone for about a year and here are my opinions

Cons: The top front of the phone is easy to be scatched, camera aint that good as i expected, sound connection aint that loud as i expected and lock application feature doesnt work as well and battery runs out about 3-4 days/12hrs

Pros: The buttons are easy to use and comfortable, speaker phone is loud and clear, ringtones are loud, usb is included and easy to use, screen is clear and bright, blue tooth is convienient and the style is sharp. . more reviews coming.

  • Dana

For some reason this seems to be the only color I can find online for this phone, however, mine's black and pink! My question is, is there anyway to turn the speakerphone on BEFORE I make a call? And not have to wait until the call connects?

  • Barb R

Can anyone tell me how to activate voice dialing so that I can make calls using my bluetooth headset?

  • yvette

hi just got a V501 unlocked for uk sim but cant open media or browser any ideas???????

  • rexi

just got this phone today, i recommend it

  • J

Im gonna try and get this phone in hongKong...but i was wondering if u could get it in hong kong but then use it in the UK???

  • call me

this phone look teh ugly thing

  • Rubi

can i use v501's bluetooth to transfer pictures or ringtones with other models phones ?!?!?!

  • rOmAn Le3

any 1,here from malaysia? i 1na know how much does it cost here in da design...........orang3 mu@ fav color!........pls help me to check it........pls & tq...

  • Justin

i want to know which phone is better. The motorola v501 or the motorola v551. the seem the same to me. Plus does the package come with the bluetooth headset. E-mail me back at

  • Simon

The V501 is pretty neat. Has got good photos options. Only draw backs are the battery (max 3 days). And also the top part of the front of phone will get stratches from the bottom part of the phone.

On the whole, 9.0 out of 10.

  • yazdan

wowww is my favorite always and when i was 20 years old i liked taht so much(i mean all the phone)

  • MFH

Rugged I like it!