Motorola V501

Motorola V501

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  • Brian Liu

yes it has a speakerphone and you can send videos to the phone via the data cable. i found the SKN6311 works well.

  • sani

The phone has speakerphone,it has everything the V600 has with style and lightness it is a very good phone.

  • Anonymous

Brilliant Display !! Better than Samsung Colors

  • James

can you download videos onto this phone like they claim it can?

  • tamara

it should have speaker phone
and it would be perfect

  • lisa

Hi...just bought the v501..everything in it is just great except that i can't seem to send any photos or MMS files out!! Can anyone help me???

  • Anonymous

can i buy this phone in the uk?????

  • lucy

does it have speaker phone?

  • ICE

It is a very good phone with the mp3 ringtone and blue tooth plus you can lock every single function. It is the best phone for ppl which have many gfs =) The only bad thing is the key pad is too flat.

  • ACC

a great phone! =) i bought it a month ago, white and orange, and its been great ever since. esp considering they threw in a bluetooth headset. heh. well, i've yet to run into any problems; but one guy has reported the finish chipping a bit.
and the usb cable should be included in the box, it's std equipment for it. anyhow, the same cable as the rest of the Vxxx series should work fine.
according to a currency converter, it should cost 190.771 GBP? i believe most, like mine, were bought on trips in asia. you can, however, probably find a seller nearby, but the phone will likely be priced quite a bit higher and without the special offers like a headset.

  • Cost?

hey how much does this phone cost in pounds?????? where can i get one ???

  • MX Webman

I liked the color, because it catchs the attention, doesn't it? Congratulations for Moto!

  • Anonymous

like v500

  • Brian Liu

I bought a v501 recently and it's a great phone, however I can't find which data cable is appropriate for this phone. It would be much appreciated if this information could be emailed to me.

  • ricky tan

i have only just brought my own motorola V501 and so far they are a fantastic phone one of the best i have ever had if ur looking too buy a motorola i would advise go 4 a motorola V501

  • xNightMareSx

I got this phone when it first came out and it cost around 2680$ HK. The style of the phone is perfect except the colour of the keypad (purple). I really like the mon becuz its very colorful and big. The ringtone could be compared with the Moto E398 becuz they are almost the same. Its very light and it could download pictures, screensavers and poly ringtones. Blue tooth for this cell phone is also a great idea.. good job motorola. The onli disadvantage is the colour of the phone. the colour doesnt really match together (white, orange, black) it could of be better if it is (white,blue,black)