Motorola V635

Motorola V635

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  • AnVas

Good phone!

  • neptun

i had this phone it costed 300 euro at first

  • Anonymous

i need one 635 for a gift

  • Denise

Does anyone know how to get predictive tx off this phone?

  • jimm

i have bought this mobile phone but i cant open the net. haw can i do that? now for the moment i live in albania for fun. i wont to stay here for 2 or 3 years so i can open the net in this phone????????????

  • Anonymous

i bought it for 5 bucks and just love it .. i,m in my 4o,s and don,t do alot of screwin around with texting ect. so as far as i,m concerned anyone out there, who knows what i mean ,, and i,m sure there are .... find one of these phones and you will not be sorry ...there very easy to use and are very sturdy ....

  • joey

fifi, 30 Jul 2010I've just bought this phone but it was used.the problem is I don... morego to settings then go to initial setup, after that you will have to select "Time and Date"

  • fifi

I've just bought this phone but it was used.the problem is I don't know how to display time or date on the LCD screen because i never used this phone before. May anyone help me?

  • Wheelr

I truly enjoy this phone. Interesting posts here. Obviously some folks don't know proper English grammar, but that does NOT effect the operation of the Motorola V635 phone. I've had mine for 5 years now. I bought it as a replacement for my very basic phone while stationed in England. The phone came from Germany and all quick notes are in German which I thankfully speak.

This phone has been dropped from my motorcycle at 60 mph, rolled onto while I worked on my Jeep, and dropped off the balconey while I talked to my son. The front camera is broken, the battery is almost unrechargeable, yet it still keeps on working. The scren goes on and off, on and off, etc, three or four times before it stays on when I get a call. Would I buy another?? Of course, if I could find another really sturdy one like this. Perhaps I'm just used to it, but the V635 has been one of the best phones I've ever had. The features are great!

  • Mariam

1. How can i download songs and ringing tones to my phone.
2. I want to use memory card with it, how will i do it

  • tyrone

i miss my phone i sild it

  • Anonymous

my v635 has frozen....any tips

  • mohsin

i have 1 single problem with my phone is that can we increase it message memmory??? my phone can only store 23- 26 msg

  • mohsin

cme on guys i am using this phone its nice phone dont blame!!! there are some problem i agreed but over all its nice 1 :p

  • Phumla

Hi guys im using this phone and i have been using it for two years now,i've never expirienced any problems.I never thought it has the memory card slot untill i read the features of the phone at work on the internet today,this phone is awsome!It has the greatest features ever.

  • headfella

2 yr user, 20 Dec 2007On the front of the clam, the metal strip outlining the edges sl... moreI own this phone for about five years , i refuse to part with it although ihave three more phones that are more up to date. its like an old girl friend that cannot be forgotten.

  • Anonymous

I once own this phone and it got stolen and i want another one but unfortunately none is available at this time. To me my phone was better than any blackberry or nokia for me it does everthing and this was great. it has alot of feature that many phone including popular ones could not do. so who ever don't want to use theirs please to send to me.

  • Anonymous

V365 is a complete waste of money. It is bulky without the reward of being tough. The screen went black after three months. I expect to get one year out of a phone. I hope that is not asking to much.

  • PlainLazy90

I had this phone for a few months only but i did like it!
the only problem was that the speaker kept going on it so i couldn't answer my calls :(
compared to phones out now the camera is crap lol but back then it was really good :)
i enjoyed using it and thought it was a really good phone
(if you get one that works)

  • determined

I read the reviews good and bad and decided to go ahead with the purchase. I love the phone. I am a klutz and this phone has taken so many drops and has been used to stopped so many falls and it still works. At times the volume on it goes down when talking but thats due to the accidents. I am very surprised it has lasted. The screen still works and I love the memory card slot. Picture quality is good and I have done some video recording, but little. I can bluetooth easily. Message memory is awesome and GPRS is awesome too.

Only thing is the Datebook, once I put in reminders and notes have switch to week view then press another key to view. that isn't labelled on the screen. Never downloaded the user manual.